Littleton Public Library

At The Public Library

On a low chair with a blue plastic seat riveted to metal legs I sat beside a unisex restroom for three hours. I smuggled a twenty ounce thermos and a small blue enamel mug into the library that day. I knew the rules, “no food or drink,” but I promised myself not to spill. I […]


The Lupines are Coming

The beginning of June brings lupines throughout the hills of New Hampshire’s North Country. The ethereal and ephemeral flower inspires many. The town of Sugar Hill celebrates the flower’s arrival each spring with the annual Celebration of Lupines. Now in its 24th year, the festival continues this June. June 3-4: Open Air Market The festival […]


NH Townies Worth Celebrating: Tim Baines

Meet Tim. He’s the owner of Mint Bistro in Manchester—the same city, where Tim grew up! Mint Bistro serves contemporary fusion food in a sleek, sophisticated atmosphere. Tim’s understanding of locals’ collective palate and personality is just one of the reasons his restaurant is so successful. (I guess, it pays to be a “townie”…!) Read […]


Cross Glassblowing Off Your Bucket List in the 603

On a recent random Sunday my boyfriend told me he had a surprise planned for me. “Wear your sneakers, jeans, sunglasses and a long sleeve shirt and be ready at 9’am” he instructed me. As we rolled through the back roads of Jaffrey I excitedly tried to guess where our destination would end. I assumed […]


Brothers Donuts

Sometimes I write about incredible, complex, exquisite meals that impress on creativity and taste alike. And sometimes there are places that have figured out how to do one thing really, really well. Today’s post is focused on the second option. Donuts are a delight no matter how you spell the word. After not being a […]

Prospective Seacoast homebuyers Kylie and Brian talk with Bank of New Hampshire loan officer Mary Ellen McKenney about downpayments and first-time homebuyer programs.

Home Truths: Be Savvy to be Competitive

You’re ready to make the move. Farewell, apartment life. Farewell (and thanks) to the folks for letting you live at home longer than any of you really wanted. It’s time to buy a house. Good thing you’re tenacious. In today’s sellers’ market – one that spreads across at least most of New Hampshire’s southern tier […]


5 Date Night Ideas On The Seacoast

Summer weather is almost here and that means its time to turn off Netflix, get off the couch and go have some fun! That’s right, no more snow. You don’t have to stay inside!! But what should you do? Well here’s a few of my favorite date night ideas on the Seacoast! 1. Beach + boardwalk There’s nothing […]

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A Hike into the Past

In January of 1942, just a month after the attack on Pearl Harbor, British intelligence notified the US Navy that a fleet of German U-boats was headed to the coast of New England. Under the command of Admiral Karl Donitz, Operation Drumbeat would strategically target American merchant ships, preventing the US from supplying Allies overseas […]


Bikes Versus Cars: Will Peace Ever Reign?

I feel like one of the biggest issues of contention in any town I’ve lived in in New Hampshire has been that of bicyclists versus drivers. I see so many cities and towns in other parts of the world that have built in bike lanes to promote safety and environmentally friendly modes of transportation, yet […]


Letters By Water

Lake Winnipesaukee can deceive you at times. For a body of water billed as the state’s largest lake — and a glance at the map will confirm that it is, no doubt — the lake can feel much smaller than those maps suggest. Especially to the north, the many islands and peninsulas make you feel […]