Participating in the Nashua Humane Society Walk!

Doing Good NH: Kara Morse of Southern New Hampshire Health

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing young professional Kara Morse, who has dedicated her life to helping others! Kara was born in Nashua and has had the opportunity to live all over the United States, Sicily and Iceland. Kara went to college in Maryland but New Hampshire was calling her home! Shortly after […]


Be a Champion for Inclusion

Think about junior high or high school for a moment. I know, even now, you can easily picture your best friend. The one you shared everything with for those years. Now, try and picture the same school, the same YOU, without that special friend. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? For some, this reality is far […]

The Bethlehem Colonial Theatre

The Bethlehem Colonial Theatre

I rank going to the movies among the top five favorite things I do by myself. The Bethlehem Colonial Theatre serves beer and wine at their concession stand. I like beer and wine almost as much as I like going to the movies. David Lynch: The Art Life (2016) was playing for one night only. […]


The Mixology Shakedown

Never in my life have I ever been called a food expert or cocktail connoisseur. I just really like food. However a few weeks ago I was honored to be invited to judge a whiskey cocktail competition up at La Vista! This lovely restaurant is located at the RiverWalk Grand Hotel at Loon Mountain Resort […]


Leisure in Litchfield

Siblings are great for a number of reasons. They always laugh at your hilarious impersonations of your parents’ annoying habits. And if you have an identical twin you can switch places to take difficult exams. Most importantly they split the cost of gifts for your parents’ birthdays and other parent-centric events. But every once in a […]


Beer, Food, Music, Charity… and More Beer!

It’s that time of year when most of us 20- and 30-somethings have to sacrifice our weekends to weddings, showers, graduation parties, and more. And while we do all love a celebration, it’d be nice to take a break from it all. So, if you don’t have a “Save the Date” on your fridge promising […]


At The Drive-In

Say “the drive-in” and most people think of a scene straight out of “Grease.” They picture a dirt lot packed with cars, everyone staring ahead at a massive screen while audio squawks from a speaker next to the car door (or, perhaps, over the radio). In a time before the multiplex cinema or the home […]

ice cream

Ice Cream in the Merrimack Valley!

It’s June! The weather is finally consistently nice out! What are you doing, if you aren’t standing in line at one of your favorite ice cream haunts this very instant? Whether it’s soft serve or hard, ice cream is one of the most delicious elements of a happy summer. Fortunately for us in New Hampshire, […]


I Gotta Dance! The Mr. Aaron Story.

My wife and I first became aware of Mr. Aaron a little over a year ago when we picked up our daughter from daycare. She was tiny then, barely ten months old, but she was incredibly excited because, as her teachers told us, Mr. Aaron had visited that day. “Who is Mr. Aaron?” we asked. […]

Northeast Delta Dental Stadium at Sunset

Hit a Home Run this Father’s Day with the NH Fisher Cats!

Trying to up your gifting game this Father’s Day? Look no further than the NH Fisher Cats at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium in Manchester – where every seat offers a great view of the field and admission is affordable for the whole family! I’ve been to several Fisher Cats games over the years, first with […]