The Presidential Mountain Range and The Omni Mount Washington Resort Hotel

Thirty Five Years Old In New Hampshire

For years now I have been confused.  Five years.  Everyday that I wake up on this mountain I wonder if I have made any really good decisions.  None of this thinking makes me doubt myself.  Of course it doesn’t.  I know I moved to the right place, into the right home, to the right state.  […]


Six Reasons to Visit Plymouth

As someone who has spent a fair amount of time in Concord, I have only rarely visited the lovely city of Plymouth. That all changed when some friends recommended a cute little spot in downtown Plymouth for lunch a few weeks ago and I’m now a convert. Barely a 40 minute drive when it’s snowing, […]

Pickety Place

February Staycation: Getting Away Close to Home

Sometimes, you just need to get away. The sensation first hit me some time back in January and wouldn’t let up. My husband and I needed to get away—from the laundry, the dishes, the kids (no offense, kids, we love you!), basically the everyday stress of life. I started searching for interesting things to do […]


Time for a Crepe Date

This year you were on top of Valentine’s Day. You ordered the 12-pound stuffed bear with the heart-shaped button nose and even paid for expedited shipping so it arrived on time. Then you picked up the long-stem roses and pricked your finger on three of them, shedding actual blood and tears for your significant other. […]


Roll ‘Em Out

Sushi. A delicacy that I am just barely starting to dabble in because I never thought of myself as a seafood lover, let alone raw fish. I decided to branch out and seek out some sushi and looked at Lebanon and Hanover, towns that are ripe with culture because of their proximity to Dartmouth College […]


Feeding A City Through The Years

Little seems more mundane, and yet more necessary, than the process of delivering food to the people. At one time, it was a largely local process, driven by the sources of food closest to you and the mom-and-pop store within walking distance. The local sources are still alive and well, but the means of distribution […]

Sherwin Parkhurst | Bank of America

9-5: Banking On Success

When you think about succeeding personally and professionally, can you bank on your employer to give you the tools, knowledge, and ability to do so? Sherwin Parkhurst can. Sherwin, 33, is the Senior Vice President / Sr. Relationship Manager at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in its Middle Market Global Commercial Banking group. He works […]


The Nightmare of Networking

Networking, every college student’s biggest fear. It is unfortunate that they are inevitable and so necessary to help you land a job. My experience with networking nights did not start off too hot. Do you ever walk into a room and feel like you are an outcast? Well, this is how I felt every time […]

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