Paddleboard Fishing

From the time I was 6 or 7, until I was about 10 years old, I fished regularly with my Dad and brother in Marion, MA, where my grandparents lived. The fishing wasn’t much, just using worms to hook scup. Sometimes we used fishing rods, but mostly we used crusty old drop lines that my […]


Where Meat Dreams Come True

Around this time each year I develop an obsession with authentic barbecue food. I have dreams of meats slow cooking for hours over aromatic wood piles – which either makes me a dedicated foodie or means there is a Labrador Retriever somewhere in my family tree. Fortunately, a friend’s recommendation turned my dreams into reality […]


A Track For All Seasons

You see it coming from the signs, whether you approach from the north or the south. At each signpost, five lanes of asphalt snake away from Route 106. The north entrance disappears briefly into the trees; the south entrance carves a more visible path between gravel parking lots. As you continue on the main road, […]


A Contoocook Stop, Everyday

I recently visited Contoocook to check out a new-to-me place for lunch called The Everyday Cafe. Contoocook is really not that far away from Concord (about 15 minutes from my office) and the cute town is worth the trip anyways. The Everyday Cafe is located right downtown next to other shops and restaurants and the […]


Holy Moly: The Prescott Park Arts Festival in Portsmouth

During my late teens and early twenties, I worked in the music industry, spending night after night surrounded by live music and energized crowds. You know that expression about too much of a good thing? I had a little too much, and concerts no longer hold the same allure they once did. There are only […]

The Show

Alone or Not at All

Have you ever not done something because you were afraid of what was going to happen as a result? When at first your idea is great and gets you wicked excited…. then you think more about it and the “what if?” scenarios play out terribly, so you stop. Yeah, you’ve probably experienced it. Me too. It’s a human thing. For me […]


Get Your NH State Parks Plate

Last month was registration month for my car and the perfect opportunity for me to switch to a State Parks plate. If you’re not familiar with the New Hampshire State Parks Plates, it’s a license plate that costs $85 per year (on top of whatever your registration costs), but gives you and whomever you can […]