April Showers Bring… DIY Projects!

We’ve all heard “April showers bring May flowers,” but that doesn’t make being stuck inside on another rainy day any easier. The promise of spring is evident as the days become longer, the temperatures rise, and the daffodils burst through the soil, but most New Englanders are restless for spring to just get here already. The winter was long, with snowfall lingering into April, and while us Northern folk are infamous for our tough skin, at this point most of us are ready to wave our white flags and surrender to Mother Nature if she would just cut us a break already.

They say “if you can’t beat them – join them” so until the drizzly, grey days subside here is my little secret for coping with those raw spring days – DIY projects! Whether you’re living in your parents’ basement, renting an apartment, or proudly pursuing the American dream of home ownership, there is a DIY project that will spice up your living space while remaining within your budget. These projects are sure to distract you from the inevitable cabin fever of April showers, but also fill your heart with joy when you proudly stand back and admire the craftsmanship you didn’t even know you possessed. No matter your skill level there is a project waiting for you! Here are some of my favorites so far.

Makeup Magnet Board

Dining Room Table Make Over

Nail Polish Rack from Spice Rack

Floating Shelves

Canvas Picture Collage

I’ve become borderline obsessed with DIY projects  such as these. The amount of pride and accomplishment I feel upon the completion of these projects is indescribable. The productivity I feel when I get to exercise my creativity is immeasurable. And the best part is, I get to foster my personal growth while simultaneously creating an inviting space that reflects my style and taste.

I hope you’ve not only enjoyed reading about some of these DIY projects I’ve mastered, but I hope you’ve found one that sparks an interest for you.  If you didn’t, I highly recommend checking out Pinterest – just be sure you have hours of free time to devote falling down a deep, black hole of endless projects and inspiration. And just remember, as the May flower buds begin to bloom in a few short weeks, you’ll be able to beam with pride as you admire all the projects you accomplished during your rainy April shower days.

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