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Night Traveler

As the sun began it’s descent into the horizon, marked by brilliant hues of red and orange, it signaled the end of the its daylight cotillion with one end of the earth in favor of the other end. Of course, while a beautiful sight to see in weather that will allow it, for me, personally, […]

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Momentarily Perfect

There was an ethereal quality about the mid-winter air of late February that night. The rubber enclosing my feet took turns hammering the asphalt of the deserted streets of Manchester, echoing for what seemed to be miles, during a run inspired by a warming trend in the weather. This silence — the perfect stillness I […]


Diamond in the Rough

Clad in steel-toed snow boots, I traversed the ice-coated snow and slush on the rail trail leading to Great Cohas Brook in Manchester feeling like a giant; with each step, the slick surface of the mess of precipitation crystalized in the extreme cold collapsed bearing the full weight of my stride. Mind you, the pathway […]