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Game Night

Back in college, a friend of mine would disappear for the better part of every Saturday, returning sometime around dinner from something he called the “Gaming Club.” Occasionally, we would actually have to seek him out, which meant a voyage to the upper level of the student union, where he and fifteen other friends were […]


Landmarks, Great And Small

Not too long ago, news slipped out that the McDonald’s on Hampton Beach would not be reopening for the 2017 season. Perhaps the country’s only seasonal fast-food restaurant, and the only one on the boardwalk strip along New Hampshire’s busiest stretch of coastline, was closed for good. Fast-food restaurants, and restaurants in general, are hardly […]


Don’t Touch That Dial

This past Friday, NH1 News, an upstart television news source, quietly went off the air. The details go far beyond pulling the plug; local media magnate and WBIN-TV owner Binnie Media sold the broadcast rights for WBIN-TV to the FCC. Closing down NH1 News is the first step in winding down operations for the TV […]


From Field Trip To Tradition

When your parents are laid-back homebodies and your family lives within twenty minutes, Christmas becomes a very easy, very routine holiday. While most families fought the annual battle of who was hosting what and how to fit all the family gatherings into the few weekends in December, my family fell back on the same plan […]


Selecting Your Car’s Winter Wardrobe

They say that life has only three certainties: death, taxes, and the relentless New England winter. It’s the third of those certainties that provides a delightful blend of anticipation, joy, mirth, panic, stress and frustration. A lot of winter frustration stems from having to drive in inclement weather. It’s not that driving in the snow […]


Takin’ A Ride

I wear on my sleeve that I’m a car guy. It’s a classification one can’t just throw around recklessly, as there’s a clear line between those who are just fascinated by four-wheeled transportation and those who actually know what they’re doing underneath a hood. Count me among the former. Like Immortan Joe’s War Boys, kids […]


Election Reflections, Part Two

In February, I spent a couple hours flipping through photos and emails, remembering my experiences as a volunteer on the 2007-2008 primary campaign trail in New Hampshire. I said the story ended there. I may not have been completely truthful. New Hampshire gets a lot of attention for its first-in-the-nation Presidential primary. But after the […]