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A Twist On Independence Day

Ahh, the Fourth of July. It’s a holiday that has plenty of traditional means of celebration: fireworks, barbecues, and a paid day off from work. And there are some less-traditional means, too: long-weekend weddings, and a twenty-year-old disaster movie of questionable scientific validity. My usual Independence Day celebration, depending on who extends an invite, involves one […]


Friday Night At The Track

You travel north on Route 125, crossing the town line into Lee, past the turn that leads to UNH in Durham, past houses and a few small businesses, through long wooded stretches. And then, as the road bends right, the trees to your left end dramatically, revealing chain-link catchfences and, beyond them, concrete walls and […]


Suburban Renewal

Of all the hours I spent playing video games in my life, some of the happiest were spent playing SimCity. I’d sit there, infinite bank account in hand, crafting cityscapes of fictional places, or maybe trying to model my own hometown within the confines of the game. And sometimes, I’d have to take drastic measures […]