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A Townie Experience: Poetry Out Loud

ˈtounē ˌikˈspirēəns – (compound noun) one’s witnessing locally the humble intersection of age, profession, and political persuasion, which evokes a latent appreciation for one’s hometown Have you had any “townie experiences” lately? Their elusiveness lies in their familiarity. In other words, the most organic townie experiences are the most ordinary: when the camaraderie at the […]

Townies Know Best (Part Two)

Wait—there was a Part One? You betcha’! A month ago, I resolved myself to delineating the unique—and often underappreciated—knowledge of New Hampshire’s best townies, and I worked to explain our townies’ roles as vital historians, consummate networkers, and inestimable contributors in their communities. You can check out the first half of this list here. So, […]


NH Townies Worth Celebrating: Bethany Clarke

Meet Bethany. She’s a children’s librarian, who serves her hometown of Gilford, New Hampshire. Her story is not unlike many other townies’—a story of a realized appreciation for her roots and of a redirected commitment to serve others. Read on to learn why Bethany loves the Granite State, how she overcame the townie-stigma, and what […]


How to Become a Good Townie (Part One)

Don’t underestimate us—being a townie takes skills. A townie’s lifestyle demands both a refined social acumen and keen self-awareness. It requires a highly developed sensitivity to age differences, economic disparities, and political affiliations. And the best townies achieve that careful balance between preserving and improving their beloved hometowns. So, here’re a few tips to becoming […]


Townies Know Best (Part One)

Do you want to know the best restaurant in town? Then Google it. Don’t bother asking the townies. Their intimate knowledge is better suited for other, narrower inquiries. Sure, townies know the best local bar, but more importantly, they know the best local bartenders—and their specialties, too. And sure, townies know the best regional ski […]