Beating the Heat

hot weatherIt’s that time of year again. No matter how much I love summertime, the muggiest days just make me want to sit motionless in front of my fan all day with an iced coffee. However, that’s not necessarily an option I feel good about taking on every one of those hot and humid days, so here are some activities to cool off with!

  1. Indoor ice rinks

    Many indoor ice rinks have public skate times during the week. Pretend it’s winter for a day and keep your skating skills fresh. This website has a list of NH ice rinks. Not surprisingly, they are all over the state!

  2. Water parks

    Nothing like a roaring good time speeding down slides and splashing into a refreshing pool below. Check out some info about NH’s water parks here or search for one near you.

  3. Beach day!

    Of course we have some of the prettiest coastline in New England (am I biased or does everyone agree on that one?), but if you aren’t close enough to the Seacoast to make an easy day trip to the ocean, NH also has tons of lakes all over the state. Some have additional activities to offer if you’re not looking to lie on the beach and splash around in the water.

  4. Bowling

    I am horribly inconsistent at bowling, but I love to go practice anyway. Bonus if the bowling alley has karaoke where I can torture anyone within earshot with a rockin’ version of my favorite oldies and country songs. Check out a list of NH bowling alleys here.

  5. Movies

    Sometimes there’s nothing better on a hot day than sitting in a cool movie theater and snacking away while catching the latest flick. Not a fan of the movie theater or the prices? Make your own movie theater. Pop some popcorn, indulge in some ice cream or candy, and treat yourself to your favorite movie, or one you’ve been dying to see.

Enjoy your cool-down activity! If you have a fun event or happening you’d like us to blog about, send an email to

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