Brothers Donuts

Sometimes I write about incredible, complex, exquisite meals that impress on creativity and taste alike.

And sometimes there are places that have figured out how to do one thing really, really well.

Today’s post is focused on the second option.

Donuts are a delight no matter how you spell the word. After not being a fan of them for a period of my life (let’s not talk about that) I have finally come to my senses enough to believe in the power of a good donut. Brothers Donuts in Franklin has been making donuts for 35 years and they have perfected them. While the history of the company and small Central Street location is hard to come by, they have quite a Facebook following which told me all I needed to know. People deliver these donuts to family in other states, come from miles around to bring a dozen to work, or as I witnessed, just spend their whole mornings eating the tasty pastries and discussing town happenings.

I stopped by en route to a meeting (which ended up just taking place in the donut shop) and am so glad I did. The store facade isn’t shiny or new, but if you find yourself in Franklin in the early morning hours, definitely stop in. While many reviewers rejoiced in the jelly or lemon-filled donuts, I arrived too late (at 10:00 AM) and opted for the dark chocolate coconut.

There were no complaints from me. The large cakey donut was soft and fresh and covered in shredded sweet coconut. The contrast of soft chocolate and crisp coconut was so satisfying, and lovely paired with a fresh cup of coffee.

A few points to note:

  1. Get there early. According to their Facebook page, they are open from 3am to noon but as I found out, sell out of many varieties well before 12.
  2. They only accept cash, so judge your hunger levels and plan accordingly.

Also as a bit of a sidenote, there is a lot going on in the City of Franklin! Check out this awesome article about the redevelopment and future plans for the city. While many things are changing, one thing has stayed pretty much the same: awesome donuts. Visit them at 426 Central Street, Franklin.

Have you discovered any unique, tasty food or drinks lately? Let us know! Be sure to email us at to share your ideas of any New Hampshire related food/drink/venue/organization that you think should be featured in our “Eat Drink Play” blog posts.

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