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My husband and I were really spoiled. We have a wonderful older dog, named Lady, who is really smart and loyal. She can tell when you need her around to cheer you up or when she should just stay away. Her only bad trait is she barks at loud cars and random strangers walking outside our house. She wasn’t always so perfect. She used to go to the bathroom in the house when she was left alone too long (separation anxiety) and she wasn’t very good on the leash. But my husband trained her well and she picked up things very easy (being so smart and all)

Eventually the time came when my husband and I were ready for a second dog. For months, we would go to the humane society and check out the dogs. A lot of them ended up not being the right fit for our situation or they got adopted faster than we could act. I was starting to get worried we would never find the right dog. One day, a co-worker told us he was moving to a new apartment and couldn’t take his dog with him. He asked if we’d be kind enough to take him into our home. We had met the dog briefly once before, and after a short discussion, we decided to take him. We had no clue what we were getting into, but we soon found out it was way more than we bargained for!

Copper, the energetic Beagle

Copper, the energetic Beagle

The next weekend we walked down to our co-worker’s place to pick up Copper, the 10 month old Beagle, and our whole lives changed. He was a disaster! He had so much energy! He had no clue how to walk on a leash. He had never had a bath before. But the big problem, that we were unaware of, was he was not house trained. Luckily, he got along well with Lady, and we spent the next couple of weeks trying to arrange our work schedules so we would be able to take him out enough. My husband has spent countless hours training him to walk on a leash and taking him on long walks so he can get out some of his energy.

Copper is going to be a wonderful dog when he is finally trained, but has a long way to go. He loves us, and his new home, and I am happy he is in our lives. But I wish I had asked a few more questions of the previous owner, and of myself, before just blindly taking this dog. Things like: Is the dog house trained? Will I have the time needed to train him? Can he walk on a leash? How much exercise does he need and do I have the time to make sure he gets it? Does he get along with other dogs? I also should have looked up more online about the breed, as there are quite a few things I didn’t know about Beagles but am slowly finding out. I suggest to anyone looking into getting a dog to make sure to ask all these questions and be honest with yourself. A great way to adopt a dog is through the humane society. These dogs need homes and the staff at the shelter is knowledgeable and will be able to answer many of the questions you may have and may even think of things that you didn’t. They can help make sure the dog you get is the right fit for your household. It’s important that you don’t make any rash decisions. The right dog will come along eventually; so don’t feel like you have to make something work.

Copper will be the right dog eventually; he just needs a little help getting there. I am very lucky that my husband is so good with dogs. I couldn’t imagine our house with out Copper (I do know it would be a bit calmer). I am happy we took him into our home, but it sure is a lot of work!!

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