Halloween activities and a fun run


halloweenHalloween is one of my favorite holidays because people always seem to have so much fun with it. I’d say I’m more of a Halloween “observer” because I don’t typically go all out with decorations or a costume, but I love this holiday. It’s so fun to eat hand out tons of candy and check out all the kids’ costumes, which I can usually guarantee are much more creative than mine. As a kid, I lived in a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating. The houses were close together and there were a lot of them. We’d get decked out every year and drag  my dad around to see how many houses we could hit. I remember scoring pretty well with the candy, but I wish I had a list like this to further my strategy! If you’re trick-or-treating this year, remember to check your town’s website, since the official day might not be on the 31st. Are the members of you r household too young or too old to convince people to give you candy in exchange for dressing up? Check out NH Magazine’s list of Halloween activities.

great-pumpkin-searching_1Not into Halloween or looking for a way to burn off all that candy you consumed? Check out Moulton Farm’s Second Annual Farm Fun Run. On Saturday, November 8, instead of tractors passing through the fields of Moulton Farm in Meredith, there will be people of all ages running through the fields of the 131 year old farm. The farm’s second annual “Farm Fun Run” provides a unique 5k course that takes participants around the farm, through fields most people never have been in and part of  the farm’s corn maze. In addition to the 5k course, the farm will have a shorter course available for children who wish to participate but need a shorter distance. There is no charge for the event and runners can register the day of the event, although the farm does encourage people to print out and bring a copy of the registration form that is available on the farm’s website. Registration opens at 8:30 am and the run starts at 10 am.

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