Holiday Chomping

Holiday shopping is a fun and exciting tradition of the season, but it’s not for the light-hearted. Everything from finding a parking space to using a coupon can escalate into an ordeal.

You may find yourself circling the Walmart parking lot for 15 minutes, only to end up parking in the lot behind the back lot, which is down the hill from the main lot for the store two doors down from Walmart.

Or perhaps you’ve committed to doing your shopping online, but every gift you purchase goes on sale the day after you purchased it. Meanwhile, the shipping rates to guarantee holiday delivery somehow put your mortgage to shame.

Either way, the process can be exhausting, and doesn’t leave much fuel in the tank for grocery shopping and meal prep. Fortunately we have a quick, easy, and delicious meal option right here in our backyard. Nadeau’s has been serving up tasty subs in NH for nearly 50 years.

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If you take a quick cruise through their website, you’ll notice Nadeau’s is a quality-focused and family-oriented business, and has grown to be a staple in Manchester and the surrounding towns. Their dedication to using fresh and distinctive ingredients shows through in the quality of the sandwiches – both for the traditional sub offerings, as well as the unique customization options available for your order.

So if you are stuck ten deep in the check-out line at Macy’s, it’s the perfect time to bust out your phone and place an order for Nadeau’s. With easy on-line ordering you can craft your sandwich and choose the time and location to pick up your food, which is helpful for this hectic time of year. The only problem is the customization options for your sandwich will make the rest of your shopping seem dull and uninteresting.

Among the standard choices of breads, meats, and toppings, they also provide less conventional options, like adding chipotle mayo or Sriracha ketchup, having the sandwich on a gluten free sub roll, and even whether or not to have the sandwich cut in half. It’s a question that I didn’t know needed to be asked, but I now enjoy having the choice.

If you are too overwhelmed by the variety of sandwiches and customizations, I recommend starting with the steak tip sub, which has been my go-to order ever since my first trip to Nadeau’s. I usually top it off with grilled onions, peppers, and mushrooms, as well as chipotle mayo and a few slices of pepperoni for good measure.

But when I am frantically searching for a single Yankee Swap gift that could somehow be appealing to all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins ranging from middle school age to retirement, I might need a lighter and quicker food option. In those cases, I order the Bob Special, which is an Italian sub with lightly smoked ham, hot capicola ham, and genoa salami, topped with provolone cheese and whatever combination of veggies strikes my fancy that day.

And if you take a strange pride in being anti-submarine sandwich, there are plenty of other delicious food offerings at Nadeau’s, ranging from pizza and salads to buffalo tenders and beer battered haddock. So when you’re eight stores deep and have only found a golf book for Dad and a prank gift for your friend, just remember, there is a warm meal waiting for you at Nadeau’s. Check out all the Nadeau’s locations across Concord, Manchester, and Exeter here.

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