Homegrown Trees & Handmade Wreaths

xmas tree farm1The smell of balsam fir is filling the air in the North Country lately. Tree farmers are busy cutting, netting & arranging sales of Christmas trees. Truckers are loading & hauling the trees to market. Other tree farm workers are cutting brush to sell in bundles or making wreaths from that brush. Many people sell brush or wreaths as an unofficial side business this time of year in northern New Hampshire, my family included.

All these forestry products will eventually make their ways to peoples’ homes, where they will be strung with lights and decorations. It’s a warming thought that those trees that grew here will bring joy to thousands, all across the country, this holiday season. What an awesome showing of North Country work ethic, values and positive economic activity!

I hope you’ll consider buying a NH made wreath and Christmas tree this year. If we all buy local, it boosts the economy even more and helps build small businesses across the region. Some locations even offer “choose & cut”, where you can bring your family to the tree farm and make a whole holiday experience out of it. Weir Tree Farms in Colebrook is one of those such places, and they even offer mail order for those that can’t make the trek north.

I think it’s good for everyone to really think about where the things they buy come from, and who is affected by those purchases. Purchase thoughtfully & vote with your dollar, in all that you do. The world will be a better place if everyone lives more mindfully.

Enjoy Thanksgiving with friends & family and we’ll see you up north for your Christmas tree purchases! 😉

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