The Hunt for Orange October

Step 1:

Lose your car keys somewhere in the pick-your-own-pumpkin patch at your local CSA. Catch a ride home with an obliging friend and drown your sorrows in olive oil and Bolognese at Stella’s in Lyme, New Hampshire. After taking in the charming 1780s building and tiny grocery full of imported Italian foods, head home for a good night’s sleep.

Treacherous pumpkins.

Treacherous pumpkins.

Step 2:

Wake up early to hit-up Upper Valley Equipment Rentals. The farmers are up at dawn, and so are they. Rent a metal detector for an obscenely reasonable price and guess at the various functions of the strange farm equipment littered around the store. Grab a morning bite at the legendary diner/biker club Four Aces. Get a tattoo at the in-house tattoo parlor. Or not.

Step 3:

Budget a three-hour scavenger hunt at the CSA, but find your keys in 30 minutes. Take a few celebratory pictures and then go for a drive to leaf peep through the New Hampshire country side.

Step 4:

Stop in at the brand-new Latham House Tavern in Lyme and enjoy the rarity of a Fuller’s beer imported from London. Admire that it’s served in an authentic Fuller’s class. “Excellent stuff,” says your British father-in-law when you text him the news.

Step 5:

From the back of the menu at Latham House Tavern, learn a little about the history of Latham House, built in 1793 by local businessman man Arthur Latham. Visit Latham’s country store, which still stands and operates next to the Tavern, and his horse shed behind Lyme’s Congressional Church. His shed is one of 27 contiguous red horse sheds used by patrons of the Congressional Church on Sundays. The sheds are more than 200 years old and the longest contiguous horse sheds in the United States. The Congressional Church is also famous – it holds a bell cast by Paul Revere.


Latham’s store is still in operation in Lyme, New Hampshire

Latham's shed, one of 27 contiguous horse sheds in Lyme, New Hampshire

Latham’s shed, one of 27 contiguous horse sheds in Lyme, New Hampshire

Step 6:

Folks in town will tell you to visit the public access at Post Pond. Do it. Enjoy the most stunning orange October trees in all of New Hampshire as the sun sets above the mountains. Call it a day.

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