Your Ice Cream Fix… If You Dare

One of the best ways to find the best food in a new region is to ask the locals for their recommendations. I work with several people from the lakes region and I surround myself with people who drive great lengths for good food. The Sandwich Creamery came very highly recommended.

This is not a place that you will randomly stumble upon, unless maybe you’ve been lost in the woods for a few days and have a good sense of smell.

Despite its very rural location, this place is worth the adventurous, bumpy drive. The Sandwich Creamery has no employees (well, no employees that work in the “store”). The cute little cabin has dozens of ice cream flavors as well as some homemade cheeses and payment is made on the honor system. There are several ice cream container sizes, all located in the cooler on your left. Don’t even bother bringing your credit cards, as payments are made in the little slot in the wall – cash or check – and then you’re on your merry way.

While your trek out to the cabin may be spooky, the ice cream flavors are nothing to be afraid of. I tried the Oreo and Coffee Heath Bar flavors and both were excellent! Rumor has it that they have different seasonal flavors, so don’t be surprised if these two aren’t in the cooler when you arrive. I’ve confirmed that they are indeed open year-round, so check their Facebook page for any flavor updates.

The group of adorable goats were the only employees I saw when I paid the Creamery a visit. If you plan on going soon (especially as we get closer to Halloween) visiting the Creamery may feel like you’re leading your friends into a dark, uninhabited woods. Who needs a haunted corn maze if your trip to get ice cream involves windy, gravel roads? At least you know there’s a delicious reward at the end!

If you’re not into spooky adventures, there may be another option. I cannot attest to the accuracy of this list, but the Granite State Dairy Promotion’s website lists some retailers that have their ice cream and/or cheese here, and on Facebook they discuss participating in local Farmers Markets. But let’s be honest: half the fun of the Sandwich Creamery is getting there. If you dare!

Find them at 134 Hannah Road, North Sandwich.

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