Ivy League Burgers

College: depending on the day, it can bring back warm, hilarious memories of friends and watching baseball games and late night snack runs. It can also bring back nightmares of computers crashing, having writer’s block for DAYS, and procrastinating like nobody has ever done…

Thankfully, for me at least, these days are over and I try to reminisce on all the good times!

While I didn’t go to college in New Hampshire, I have loved touring the college campuses across the state. I love the old mill buildings of UNH Manchester, the hockey games and pretty green lawns at UNH in Durham, the beautiful New England College covered bridge, and rafting down a river during my first trip to Plymouth.

On a recent weekend drive, I found myself in the beautiful Hanover/Dartmouth area of the state. While Dartmouth can hold its own when it comes to excellent education and a plethora of famous alumni, could they also have good food?

In the morning, we visited Muriel’s Donuts which was absolutely amazing, located just south of Hanover in the town of Lebanon. A past blogger has covered the history of Muriel’s, and it was absolutely worth the drive just for some of these freshly-made beauties.

After a day of exploring, we needed more sustenance, and sadly Muriel’s was closed during the dinner hours. Without much research or guidance beforehand, we wandered our way through the cute downtown streets of Hanover.

After checking out some of our options, we decided to try Murphy’s on the Green. Since we arrived before any major dinner crowd, we got a booth right at the entrance to the restaurant where we could watch people walking outside and reminisce about college experiences. There were people of all ages passing by, from students and their parents, locals, and other wandering tourists, too.

We grabbed some local brews from our waiter and dug into a delicious plate of nachos. There’s something about nachos that is always comforting to me; they’re a perfect warm snack after a cold day of exploring outside.

Fortunately thDSC06532ese gooey nachos were delicious and exactly what we were looking for. There were just enough toppings to go around (the beans were hiding under a layer of the chips!) and everything tasted fresh.

For the rest of our meal, we decided on burgers. We had the Murph Burger, which has crispy shallots and bacon, and the Veg Head Burger, topped with more delicious veggies. Both burgers came with an array of side options, and we went with the sweet potato wedges and homemade mac and cheese.

I must say, both burgers were very tasty in their own ways. The Veg Head burger was softer, obviously made with vegetables, but it was very flavorful and seasoned well. The mac and cheese was creamy and topped with bread crumbs – I mean how could I complain?

Murphy’s is located at 11 S. Main Street in Hanover and is open Monday through Thursday for dinner 4pm – 11pm, Friday & Saturday for lunch 11am – 4pm, and dinner 4pm -11pm, and Sunday for lunch/brunch 11am – 4pm and dinner 4pm – 10pm. Check out their Facebook page for specials!

Murphy’s on the Green was definitely a good choice for dinner that night, but I’d love to know – What other college town restaurants are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

As always, if you have a restaurant, event, or other food-related topic you would like us to cover, be sure to comment here or email us at eatdrinkplay@stayworkplay.org!

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