Your new home, sweet home

With hints that spring is on its way (the recent March nor’easter notwithstanding), you may be ready for new digs – like buying your first home! With your tax refund, you could have funds toward a down payment in hand. That money and the motivation to purchase a place that’s just right for you is well timed with the burst of “homes for sale” listings that occur every spring.

To take advantage of this timing and the inventory of homes – and the fact that interest rates are edging upward – get up to speed now on what you need so you’re ready to act when you find that sweet spot of an abode!

There are a slew of questions and paperwork to prep for if you decide to purchase a home (another reason this is a good segue from preparing your taxes!).

At a recent Homebuyer Fair sponsored by New Hampshire Housing, several young couples talked with staff about their own parameters for purchasing a home, from wanting to live in Manchester to be near family, to a Lakes Region music teacher and his wife who knew they wanted a small starter home not far from work.

The Richardsons attended a Homebuyer Fair in Manchester to learn more about their options in buying a home.

Need some help in sorting through your financing options and planning for homeownership? Visit for resources, or contact a housing nonprofit that offers homebuyer education. These agencies – like HOMEteam (locations in Concord, Laconia, Manchester and Nashua) and AHEAD (in Littleton) offer free counseling services and can assist with budgeting needs, credit repair, and homeownership advice.

Do your prep work thoroughly now, and you’ll be ready to spring into action to bid on your perfect home, confident that you have everything in place to make it yours.

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