Why I Stayed in NH

It’s 3am as I write this. My second child is 6 days old, and I’ve just rediscovered that hour of blurry-eyed productivity after his early-morning feeding. I type while he rocks back to sleep. Everyone else in the house snoozes. New Hampshire is a great place to raise a kid – safe communities, full of […]


Seize the Day!

Morning I had been up several times with the boys throughout the night and hardly slept. Sunday morning had come fast and it was oppressively humid. My husband was out of town. The combination of lack of sleep and the weather were getting the best of me and my kids. I had so much to […]

The spectacular Arethusa Falls in Crawford Notch State Park.

Beating the Heat in Crawford Notch State Park

I know I’m not the only one who has visited Crawford Notch State Park lately – fellow blogger Laura has been taking advantage of this beautiful area as well (spoiler alert in case she writes about it!) Being a country girl at heart, it seems like the hotter it gets the more I want to […]


New Hampshire Farmer’s Markets

One of my favorite things about summer time, is fresh fruits and vegetables. Hence the reason why I’m taking a stab at growing my own. Everything seems to be going well out in the garden. I have knee high tomato plants, a flower on one of the green pepper plants and a pumpkin vine that […]


Your Family, away from home

Let’s be honest, your co-workers are very much “family” to you at this point. If you spend 40+ hours per week with individuals you get to know them pretty well, and they know you. They don’t have to live under the same roof to be considered “family”. Well, we may not all look at our […]


Archery, Painting, and Property Developing Pigs

Children’s Days at the NH Farm Museum I am quickly approaching my 30th birthday, but that did not stop me from wanting to go to the Children’s Days at the NH Farm Museum if only to see what the property developing three little pigs is all about. This Saturday and Sunday in Milton at the […]


Stay, Work, Play, Listen, Watch.

I may not like spicy foods but I do love a good television show & some b*tchin’ beats. Okay, both of those have nothing to do with TV or music. Whatever. Here’s a list of TV shows you should add to your queue & a list of songs you should add to your playlist. Series: […]


Got Lunch?!

As you know from my blogs, I love volunteering, and I think that the community of Laconia is amazing in what they do for local youth! Yesterday I had the opportunity to volunteer with the Got Lunch Laconia Program. Their mission is to provide healthy lunches to school-aged children of Laconia who may otherwise go […]

Roxy can often be found hunting for fingers and toes in her natural bedroom habitat.

My NH Homecoming: Filled with Cheese and Anxiety

I returned to New Hampshire a little over a year ago after spending twenty-seven long months as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Dnipryani – a small village in the south of Ukraine. I thought that I knew exactly what I would feel upon arrival on those foreign shores – homesickness, culture shock, Giardia…. But I had […]

Garlic scapes, hakurei turnips, cucumbers, zucchini and summer squash

Summer Bounty

My first job was on a farm picking strawberries, blueberries and a few other fruits and vegetables the summer I was 13. I picked in the blazing sun from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. five days a week with a crew of about a dozen other teenagers. The work was hot, I only made $3 […]

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