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Financial Peace of Mind

Many people think that teachers have it easy and summers off-but almost every teacher I know works in the summer or worked for years in the summer before taking one off. Teachers tend to do summer school, tutor, work at summer camps or wait tables to make ends meet during the off time. For example […]


How to Successfully Navigate a Job Change

It’s no secret that people get antsy in their current jobs, whether that is for the feeling of mastering what they do on a daily basis, the quest for a challenge, realizing that they don’t like what they do, a lack of work-life balance, or numerous other reasons. The next question is what to do […]

Jets flying overhead is one of the unique features of the Pease Golf Course.

Back in the game

For most people I know, golf is little more than the game the characters play in the movie Caddyshack. I grew up in a family that played golf, and therefor were constantly attempting to instill an appreciation for the game. My dad played and my grandfather was a pro golf instructor. I watched plenty of […]


The Bus Rocks

We just got back from a two-week vacation in Sweden. It was great! We stayed with friends who are Swedish, so we got to experience daily life there and eat lots of delicious traditional Swedish foods. The entire trip was fantastic, but one of the things that struck me most was how easy it was […]

Mmmmmm.  I mean, the even have local milk from the Contoocook Creamery.  Adorbs.

Does local just mean adorable?

So the other day Alyssa wrote about and it got me thinking about all sorts of local things. I like local and it certainly is fashionable these days, but how local is local? Have you been to Contoocook Village? This is where I live, and let me tell you, there are some pretty adorable […]


You’ll Flip for Farmer’s Markets!

I’m confident to say that you’ve probably heard the phrase “Buy Local” at some point recently. We seem to be bombarded with marketing and advertisements promoting local farmers and artisanal products produced nearby our homes. While it’s great to see larger stores offering more local products, one of the best ways to truly experience “Local” […]

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5 Tips to Successfully Migrate to New Hampshire

Below is advice intended for those who are looking to relocate to New Hampshire. Having successfully done it myself, I feel qualified to compile this list. I hope you all find it both entertaining and educational. 1) Know what you want, and where you want to be NH is a very geographically diverse area. It […]

The Avett Brothers at Meadowbrook June 8, 2013.

A Magical Night at Meadowbrook

It’s another beautiful day in Mount Washington Valley, and as I work on this post I have the luxury of sitting outside on my deck, enjoying the sunshine and an ice cold glass of lemonade. Sounds of birds chirping and the jingle-jangle of dog tags fill my ears; Zoey & Lily are running around the […]

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The Road You Came in On

I am going to share with you today, my application ‘blog’ that I sent in to become a blogger for Stay Work Play. Earlier in the week, I was sitting in my Adirondack chair in the backyard absorbing all that great and lovely 75 degrees and sunny, without a cloud in the sky weather (I […]

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