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Roadtrip! And a Little Staycation

Last week I was on vacation, and OMG it was glorious. Did I clean my house, no! Did I do our laundry, no! Did I spend time weeding our garden, no! Did I wash our windows, never! These are often the things I get stuck doing when I decide to do a “staycation.” I end […]


New England’s Tap House Grille

Two people had told me and my husband about New England’s Tap House Grille in Hooksett, before we finally made it a priority to get there. We were pretty excited to hear there was a new place so close to us…with so many beers on tap! Just how many beers?? 48! That’s not a sentence, […]


Ready to Make it Happen

Hello, my name is Jon Sadowski and I am a new blogger here at Stay Work Play. I am a 35 year old Concord resident who has a wonderful wife, two great daughters, and a loyal little dog. I love hiking, running, playing basketball, gardening, cooking, traveling, discovering exciting new and old music, photography, reading, […]

The Insice Scoop Cone

My favorite part of summer in NH

So it’s not technically summer yet, but take that up with Mother Nature, not me. To say I’ve been outdoors a lot these past couple weeks is an understatement. I’ve blogged about it before, but Mountain Base Pond is my favorite gem in Goffstown. We’ve done a lot of kayaking and playing there with Yaz as of […]

Beautiful view of the North Country and Second Connecticut Lake.

My Great North Woods Fishing Adventure!

When my brother Nate texted me Saturday and said we should go fishing on Sunday, I was so excited that I immediately drove to Redstone Deli to purchase a fishing license. I proceeded to show off my first ever fishing license to my friends, with much enthusiasm to pick up a hobby I had left […]


The benefit of benefits

So I recently had a sick day. Stomach bug – it was not pretty. But it got me thinking that it’s really nice to just call in sick. I don’t have to worry about being paid, I have plenty of sick time. I won’t get my co-workers sick by trying to work even when I’m not […]


Dodgeball, Video Games and Taking a Hike

If my social calendar is any indication, summer has arrived in full force. And with summer comes a flurry of activity in the Granite State, making this week’s blog packed with interesting and intriguing events. The Dodging Homelessness High School Tournament ‘13 I was always picked last for dodge ball games in high school. Prayer […]


First Things First

Hi there! I’m Karen. And I love food. I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, so do you. I’m so excited to be part of Stay Work Play’s ongoing blogger community and that I have the chance to share with you information about New Hampshire’s food, wine, and beer industry. Let’s face it, we all […]

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