Is “Shop Local” Dying in your Community?

I grew up in a town with no big box stores or chains, so I only knew about “shopping local”. This term is in regards to not just shopping in your town, but rather shopping at the places that were owned and operated by the people in your community. Of course it is near impossible […]


Up North

I bet you didn’t know this but there’s actually stuff to do up in that there North Country here in New Hampsha. This past weekend my boyfriend and I went up to Lincoln, NH to support a friend of ours, Brett Lucas (also a Stay Work Play blogger) and his recent endeavor as an actor. We both headed North […]


Did somebody say cupcake?

Cupcakes have been around since the 1700’s, and in 1919 Hostess Cupcakes were born, but not until 2000 did they get there big break on the hit TV show Sex in the City and as they say the rest is history. According to the website foodbeast since 2008 the cupcake industry in the United States has exploded! […]


Finding my Winter Sport

For those who know me, this declaration should come as little shock. I can’t stand winter. The runny noses, the cold, the nonchalance about shaving your legs, the tans fading (or in my case, 50% of my freckles), cleaning off your car… I generally want no part of it. I will, however, make an exception […]


7 Things To Do When You’re Snowed In

So I don’t know about you, Granite Staters, but I am beyond sick and tired of all this snow! It’s piling up outside my window as I write this blog and we’re expecting at least a few inches here in the Southern part of the state. So, with the expectation that I may have to shovel myself […]


Fun @ Stay Work Play

Maple Sugar Madness With temperatures hovering near the 40 degree mark and as I count down the hours to that fateful moment when we losean hour in exchange for sheer daylight when we leave work at 5 o’clock, I embrace the teasing hints of spring that are creeping their way into New Hampshire. So head on out […]



Lots and lots of robots. I went to the FIRST robotics competition on Saturday at the Verizon center in Manchester (Jess mentioned it in her Fun@StayWorkPlay postlast week too) – have you ever been?! It’s like a rock concert for geeks, it’s awesome. There were teams from all over the region who came to compete….and they go all out. Teams dress up […]


Groovin’ into warmer weather!

We are very lucky to live in a region that attracts some of the world’s most talented musicians!  With perfect summer venues likeMeadowbrook Arena, the opportunities are endless! The reason that I write this blog now, is because most tickets for feature summer concerts are currently on sale, or will be going on sale this […]


What do you mean, you don’t like beer?

I’m not talking about Bud Light. I’m talking about real, flavorful beer. Well, Jon and I love it- Strange Brew and Murphy’s are always on the top of our list simply for the great tap selection. No, those aren’t rabbit droppings or wood pellets—they’re hops (beer seeds, if you will). We have been saying we were going to start […]


Lakes Region Manufacturing Week

At work, we’ve been organizing an event that I wanted to share with all our readers: Lakes Region Manufacturing Week, March 11-15. We’ve lined up tours and open houses at eight different high-tech manufacturing facilities; open houses at Lakes Region Community College and the Huot Technical Center to showcase their advanced manufacturing programs; and a career exploration […]

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