L-R, Tim Sink, Chamber of Commerce; Scott Hilliard, Merrimack County Sheriff; Michael Wright, Town Administrator; Jonathan Parker, Manager; Brad Parker, Investor; Andrew Luce, Chamber Ambassador, along with many town officials joined in the celebration.

Park Place Ready for Business!

As a small business owner who is coming up to the one-year anniversary of being in business, I have truly lived and experienced the “owning your own business” lifestyle. This lifestyle has unlimited flexibility and freedom but comes at the cost of longer work days and significant day to day management since you are in […]


Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

The Faith, Hope, and Love Foundation  just held it’s 7th Annual Benefit Dinner to celebrate our amazing supporters, fans and donors AND to recognize our college scholarships recipients! It was an amazing evening and we were able to put the entire event on for less than $3,000. In today’s society it’s very hard to put on […]

All of the significant other's text books.

Before you throw that mortarboard…

It’s getting to be that time of year when I start reflecting on where I was (insert the blank) number of years ago. With each passing year, I am learning more and more about myself and life lessons that I wish someone had told me around the time that I took that fateful walk across […]


A Pow-wow, a Marathon Read and Brewing in Portsmouth

41st Annual Dartmouth Powwow With my own heritage deep in the culture of the Lenape tribe, I can appreciate Dartmouth’s long history of embracing the traditions of its Native American students since 1973. And this pow-wow is a perfect example of how Dartmouth supports the activities of its Native American students while giving surrounding communities […]


Ground to Table

I really hope that I am starting to generate a dedicated following to these blogs, because now you probably have a pretty good idea of who I am! Wouldn’t that be nice? Well for whoever is out there reading, I sure do have a fun one for you this week. If you are one of […]


Mt. Zealand

If you know me, you’re know I’m not one to say “Hey guys, let’s go for a hike!” on a Saturday morning, or any morning for that matter. But I would if you mentioned we would be climbing up Mt. Zealand. Growing up, my family would hike this every summer and stay in the hut! […]

Lab celery

dog days of summer

Summer is approaching quickly and though we may get lost in planning beach getaways, enjoying BBQs and tending to our gardens, it’s very important to keep our four-legged family members top-of-mind. I know the first thing I think of when the temps rise is throwing the top down on my Jeep and cruising to some […]

View from the top: South Baldface.

Go Take A Hike!

With the snow gone and the beautiful sunny weather as of late, I had been itching to get out on my first hike of the season. There are an abundance hiking trails in and around Mount Washington Valley that provide endless opportunities for beautiful views of the lakes and mountains. I considered the old standbys […]

morning run 1

Back in the Running!

I used to run. I was never a serious runner–meaning I never did a marathon or anything like that. But it was my preferred form of exercise for many years. A comfortable, fun run for me was about four miles. I would run almost every day. Loved it. And then I moved to a place with […]


A Big Brew, A Film Festival and Being Green in NH

Sixth Annual Greenerborough Living Expo and Festival Being green is really cool and all, but my reason for choosing the Sixth Annual Greenerborough Green Living Expo and Festival to be a part of this blog are entirely selfish and somewhat whimsical. There will be sheepdog herding. For those of you who have seen dogs work […]

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