Ever Been to a Lottery Cocktail Party?

The Lottery Cocktail Party I must start this blog post with a note that when researching happenings this week in the Granite State I came across some pretty interesting names for events, but this one definitely took the cake. With “lottery” and “cocktail” both in the title, this is sure to be one interesting evening […]


I cheated on New Hampshire – My first 5k

I cheated on New Hampshire and ran my first 5k last month in Vermont. One of my favorite things about NH is its vicinity to some of my favorite places to visit. Running (yes, I ran the whole time) my first 5k in a different state was probably the best idea ever. Why? Because if you […]

Rock 2

We Will Rock You

When I was in college I worked a summer camp where I had the opportunity to repel down mountains and do some rock climbing and hiking. Then the summer after college I got hired at an amazing job where I got to travel the entire United States for five weeks and see all the main […]

Ave Marie Chocolates; Dark & Milk Chocolate Kettle Popcorn

Pacifying the Sweet Tooth

It’s a bit of a joke in my family about how big of a sweet tooth I have. To put it into perspective, my mom gave me my Easter basket in early March because she didn’t know when or if she’d see me around the actual holiday.. the candy made it home with me and […]

veg and flower garden


I smelled dirt when I stepped out of my car onto the driveway one evening last week. It was the first time I’d smelled that smell since fall. It smelled sweet and delicious. It snapped me right out of the end-of-winter slump and into full-on garden planning mode. We just moved into our first house […]


Taxes and Philanthropy

Merriam-Webster defines philanthropy as this: goodwill to fellow members of the human race; especially: active effort to promote human welfare. Tax season doesn’t usually inspire me to think about philanthropy, but this year it was just a nice reminder to see the pile of gifts we made in 2012 that I handed over to our CPA (Olga Briggs, […]


High Heels, Horse Drawn Carriages and More!

Marc Johnson Driving Clinic You just never know when you’re going to need to know how to drive a horse and carriage, so why not head over to Touchstone Farm in Temple this weekend for a lesson with experienced driver, Marc Johnson. The Marc Johnson Driving Clinic is happening all weekend, April 5 – April […]


For the four-legged love of your life

If you haven’t yet figured it out, my life pretty much revolves around my dog. Sorry I’m not sorry. Well, yesterday was his first birthday (huge deal). I spent some time leading up to the big day trying to find dog-friendly cupcakes- pupcakes, if you will. I could’t find any local bakers so I resorted […]

4-1-2013 2

Spring is Sweeter with Maple Sugar

I have mentioned before that I grew up on a farm in East Conway, NH. On my family’s farm, we had all of the typical things you’d expect to find: a barn, cows, a silo, tractors, bales of hay, chickens, a couple horses… But one of my favorite things was the sugar house (my brother and […]


Why you should look forward to spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning takes on so many different meanings for different people. For some it is emptying out an entire year’s worth of e-mails from their inbox, for some it is unloading all of the junk they have accumulated during the winter, and to others it’s a fresh start to another great summer! To me it’s […]

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