College Unbound: Hands-On Exploration of NH & Beyond

1.) How/when did College Unbound come about and what is your role with the program? Beth J. Sheehan, Director: College Unbound was actually created by a not-for-profit organization called Big Picture Learning. Big Picture Learning (BPL) is an organization that has designed alternative educational models for 75+ high schools across North America and internationally (Israel, Australia, […]



Last week, I attended a Leadership conference in Los Angeles. At the conference we learned several interesting aspects of a leader, and how to be a more effective leader.  Below is a piece of the seminar that I found very interesting and felt applied in some ways to Stay Work Play. The below section is […]


The fruitcake of blogs

Despite the fact that I don’t partake in any winter sports besides snowball fighting, and that I prefer to be sweating rather than shivering, this is definitely my favorite time of the year. For me it’s the wonderful mix of kids behaving to impress the jolly man, lights EVERYWHERE, the dog’s reaction to his first […]


Facebook for the Future

I’m gearing up for the Plymouth State University Career Development night tonight (plug from 5pm-8pm) and was asked to give tips and hints for graduating seniors about the interview process. “Ok!” let the researching begin. (Insert small geek moment) What is the most important thing to tell the future of the workforce? After speaking with […]


Festivus for the Rest of Us

It is that time of year again. That is all you need to say and everyone seems to know what time of year you are talking about. It is a time to enjoy your family and friends, give gifts, help those less fortunate and remember the holidays of the past. But for many of us […]


All To Ourselves

This week, I am writing to you from Nantucket, MA; a lovely island 26 miles of the coast of Cape Cod. I used to call this island home, and I still would if I didn’t make residence in the great 603.  I am on Nantucket on a work-cation, filling in my week before I start […]


Holiday Traditions – What are yours?

The holidays are among us. I’m not kidding. With Thanksgiving come and gone, it only means one thing. It’s almost Christmahanakwanzika (I think that covers all of ‘em). Once all of the turkey leftovers have been gobbled up (har har), the countdown begins! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. In the midst […]


Don’t Judge A Dog By It’s Breed

These are a few of my favorite things. To continue on with this theme, after writing about the Fall, hiking and volunteering, I am going to move on to another favorite… my American Staffordshire Terrier, Calli. Like many people I grew up with a family dog, but let’s be honest, my parents took care of […]


A NH native ventures to the trees….

As one of the few native born New Hampshire citizens that doesn’t ski or snowboard, I rarely make it north of Tilton. So, it was a sense of adventure to recently drive up 93 to Lincoln for a day of zip lining with Alpine Adventures. My girlfriend & I were taking advantage of a deal […]


The season of giving….

So this happened to work out very well. My last blog was more or less a play by play of how the wonderful New Hampshire community has been coming together to support the hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Being the day before Thanksgiving, I suppose it would be appropriate for me to catch you up to speed on […]

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