Attention New Hampshire, Calling all inner artists!

I always tell my students that we all have strengths and weaknesses and everyone in society is important-it is like one big puzzle and everyone plays an important role. Take farm horses, for example. Some of them can pull up to 4,000 pounds by themselves but  when one horse works together with another horse they can […]


Economical Playing in the Granite State

It’s nearing that time of year where I am starting to feel antsy to do things. The holidays have passed, so there is little excuse to eat whatever I want and lay around the apartment, but it’s not quite spring where I’m motivated to go out hiking or any of the other outdoors-y things that […]


Networking networking networking

I’ve been doing a lot of networking lately. Sometimes it’s exhausting. Sometimes I just want to skip it and go home after a long day at work. Just last week, while driving to the Dyntini in Manchester my friend and I jokingly said “should we just skip this and go have dinner?” But we decided to stay strong […]


The Best Sledding Spot In New Hampshire

If you’ve been keeping a watch on the state’s weather forecast, you’ve heard that we’re expecting to get slammed with an epic snowstorm this weekend. The state Emergency Operations Center is already preparing, snow plows are at the ready, and the meteorologists are predicting 18 to 24 inches over Friday night. Now, I’m sure that skiers all across […]


Fun @ Stay Work Play

The Spirit of Mardi Gras Forget Valentine’s Day.  You need to check out Mardi Gras at the Capital Center for the Arts in Concord on February 15 starting at 7pm.  Hosting the event is the Ghostlight Society, which refers to itself as the younger supporters of the Capital Center of the Arts. The night will […]


You Can’t Take It With You

Mr. Anthony Kirby Jr. is the Vice President of Kirby Company, a large financial services firm in Wall Street.  He graduated from Cambridge, travelled much of the world, and now works for the family business, Kirby Company.  He is about 28 years old and is one of those genuine, good-hearted, non-judging, ethical young gentlemen who […]


My $11.91 Weekend

Since having a child, I’ve become so cheap! Mostly because I’m broke from spending all my money on said child (either now or saving for his future). So I’m always pretty proud when I can fill up a weekend with fun activities for no money. Here’s a recap of last weekend. Saturday: I worked out […]


Fun @ Stay Work Play

14th Annual Penguin Plunge for Special Olympics New Hampshire I asked Santa for a puppy for Christmas this year.  When I asked for the puppy, I never expected Santa to bring said puppy.  But Santa never fails to deliver, and now I have the special honor of standing outside in single digit degree temperatures in […]


I’d Instagram You With No Filter

It’s hard to believe but Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It’s one of those “Hallmark Holidays,” and most definitely a love/hate thing for the majority of humans. I however, am a big fan of the heart filled holiday. I’m not sure if it’s the decorations that make me go ga-ga or the conversation hearts […]


Girl Power!

This month New Hampshire became the first in the nation to have an all women delegation. Not only does NH now have a female governor, both senators and both representatives, NH also has a woman Supreme Court Justice and woman Speaker of the House.  It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent or […]