Life in a Vacation Town

You can probably gather from many of my previous posts that I enjoy “staying, working, and playing” in New Hampshire. A huge part of that has to do with the town that I live in. To put this all into perspective, I’ll back up a few steps. Upon graduating from Plymouth State University in 2011, I imagined […]


Hibernating is for bears

The title of this post refers to a revelation I had a couple weeks ago; the ensuing content narrates my post-revelation adventures. Since I can remember I’ve been pretty useless in the winter months. I’ve done it all- wondering why I live in New England, thinking about moving, going on vacation, closing my eyes- everything […]


Make your own happy.

I feel like recently I’m noticing how horribly unhappy people are while at work. It seems that wherever I go, people find that it’s normal to unload their workplace woes about their job while working. I’m not just talking about my own workplace, but cashiers and servers in restaurants too. When did it become acceptable […]


One of the less joyful joys of homeownership….

I bought my house three and a half years ago. There is something to be said for being a 26 year-old single female buying a house by herself. I had lived in apartments for years and wasn’t necessarily looking to buy a house, but the opportunity arose and I wanted to do it. I had […]


Getting Acclimated

At the beginning of December I set out on a new chapter in my life in the form of a new job at SilverTech, a digital marketing agency in downtown Manchester. The time I spent at The Common Man as an Executive Assistant was a great learning experience for me and it was bittersweet to […]


3 Great Books To Read For New Hampshirites

With the blustery winter winds outside, it’s the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book, isn’t it? In my last blog post, I talked about some of my New Year resolutions. One of the things I’d really like to commit to in 2013 is getting back into leisurely reading. I don’t think I […]


Stay Work Date

Dating in a winter wonderland like New Hampshire can be tricky. A) It’s really flippin’ cold and B) Hibernating is quite lovely; especially with some hot chocolate (with marshmallows, obvi). There are dozen of date ideas (romantic, even) to look forward to this winter. Grab your sweetheart & start planning. Most NH occupants spend the […]


Don’t Worry Be Happy…..

Sixty-two percent of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions each year. Among the top of the list include weight loss, quitting an addiction, getting financially stable, and being happier. I believe that being happy is number one and all of the rest of the resolutions that people set will follow behind. Here are some simple tips […]


The Lakes Region Sledding Challenge

Last winter was my first winter back in the Lakes Region and unfortunately it was a total bust snow-wise. This year, however, we are off to a great start! Now that my son no longer freaks out when he gets snow in his face, we are officially on a quest to hit all the public […]


Work – Life – Balance….What?!

In order to go to the gym in the morning, my husby has to be the one who wakes up in the morning to get our little man ready for the day. I get back from the gym, we scamper around the house to all get cleaned up and ready for the day and off we […]