Planning The Off-Season Wedding

Ten years ago, if you told me I’d get married on a beach in the Caribbean and my sister would get married back home in New Hampshire, I’d have laughed. And yet in the last year, that’s exactly what we both did. We had actually both started out on the opposite track, but that’s not […]

evy cat hug

Adopting a Pet in the Merrimack Valley

A few weeks ago, we had to say goodbye to our pup, Lee. While it was a sad time for all of us, we were quick to realize that our cat was very lonely without a friend, and as we worked to grieve over one chapter of our lives ending, we began the search for […]

Holly 2

Doing Good NH: Make-A-Wish New Hampshire

This week I had the privilege of interviewing two young women that are changing lives on a daily basis and making positive change! Holly Blanchard is the Director of Marketing at Make-A-Wish New Hampshire and Nikki Lyons Lahey is Director of Community Outreach at Make-A-Wish New Hampshire. Holly learned about Make-A-Wish early on as she […]

Paddleboard and Hammock time

A Year Of Advice

In the North Country we notice when the bank gets new all-weather mats. We order dessert with our breakfast. We know who is shopping at the Co-op by the cars in the parking lot. We appreciate when the local coffee shop refreshes the Lavender and Linen candle in their unisex restroom. We have around-town camouflage […]


Wake Up Call

On Tuesday the thermostat in my car hit close to 90, and brought with it a startling realization – beach season is well under way, folks. In fact, beach season started weeks ago. I’m not suggesting you take tomorrow off and dig your favorite sandcastle kit out of the attic for an impromptu trip to […]


Spring Skiing in Tuckerman Ravine

Each spring skiers across the northeast make a pilgrimage to ski Tuckerman Ravine. The glacial cirque carved into the side of Mount Washington offers skiers challenging ski terrain and an extended season later into Spring than most of the state’s ski resorts. Even non-skiers will make the trek to the ravine – possibly with a […]

How to get the job you're not qualified for

How to Get the Job You’re Not Qualified For

About three years ago after suffering through ten years of miserable dead end jobs I decided to make a change. I have always been a “dreamer” and wanted more for myself. I spent the majority of my working years in the restaurant business when I fell in love with marketing and public relations. Unfortunately, how […]


How to Become a Good Townie (Part Two)

Did you somehow miss Part One? It’s OK! — You can still check it out here. Now, if you’re a lifelong resident of your hometown — like me — then you’re likely to recognize the skills required in becoming “a good townie.” Let’s bear each in mind, as we work toward improving our brand and […]


April Showers Bring… DIY Projects!

We’ve all heard “April showers bring May flowers,” but that doesn’t make being stuck inside on another rainy day any easier. The promise of spring is evident as the days become longer, the temperatures rise, and the daffodils burst through the soil, but most New Englanders are restless for spring to just get here already. […]


Time for some yard work!

I don’t want to jinx us, but I think spring is finally here! Don’t get me wrong – the winter is fun and all, but it’s April and it’s time to get on with it. Spring means grilling, running, hiking, biking, swimming (if you’re brave), and most importantly, yard work! Okay, maybe yard work isn’t […]