The Travails and Avails of Apartment Hunting

The competition is stiff. Vacancies are few. And strategies as well as some luck are essential if you’re going to locate an apartment – especially a 2-bedroom – in the desirable, employer-dense southern tier of New Hampshire. Is walkability important to you? Or would you opt for a longer commute and a lower-cost apartment? Research […]



As a blogger, we’re encouraged to create unique and clever titles for our posts. But when I visited Nibblesworth in Portsmouth for the first time and tried their cocktails and dinner menu, I knew that the namesake was title-worthy all by itself. Named after the chef/owners’ cat, Nibblesworth is located in the beautiful old Nutter-Rymes […]

Chocolate chip pancakes with syrup

March is Maple Month in New Hampshire

It’s that time of year again in New Hampshire—sugaring season! Those of us who grew up dowsing our pancakes and waffles with maple syrup know that there’s really no substitute for the “real” thing. Thankfully, locally made maple syrup is readily available from a plethora of producers both small and large—there’s more than 350 sugaring […]


Farm Fresh in the Snow

January, February, and March, the months where all hopes of eating local food go to die… Or so you’d think, right? Locally grown food is my comfort food: it’s what keeps me feeling healthy, happy, and engaged in my state and community. So when deep winter settles in, I miss the days of summer and […]

Photo by Ted Kinson

Shamrock Shuffle 2018

My morning on March 10th started at about 8:30 as I began to ready myself, my boyfriend, my brother and his girlfriend. We would be picking my mom up along the way. It was a chilly morning with some snow dusting, none of us were happy about the 5k Shamrock Shuffle we were about to […]


Doing Good NH: Jared Guilmett of Celebrate Laconia

This week I spoke with Jared Guilmett, an Architectural Designer at Misiaszek Turpin, the Vice Chair of the Belknap Mill Society, and the Publicity Director of Celebrate Laconia. Jared was born and raised in Laconia. He attended Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston and received both a Bachelors of Science and Masters Degree in Architecture. […]


A Night At The Music Hall

When public transportation was scarce and power sources were living, every city worth mentioning had its own theater. The locals needed to be entertained, whether by music or by play, and the city theater was the place. Until transportation and the highway system drove a change to this approach, it worked just fine for entertainment […]

Alyssa Clarke-Cartwright

9-5: Young Marketer Excited For New Beginnings

Personal and professional growth is an important part of success. In order to grow, however, you need to seek out new opportunities, challenges, and inspiration. Alyssa Clarke-Cartwright, 25, is excited to be taking this step toward her future. Alyssa recently joined PortalGuard, a cybersecurity company based in Bedford as a marketing assistant. Her position allows her to explore […]

Dealing Poker

Is a Career in Charitable Gaming Right for You?

Many of us, myself included, feel good about the staying and playing in New Hampshire, but a little less confident about the working part. Well, have you considered a career in the state’s Charitable Gaming Industry? Let me introduce you to Aaron Wrightsman, who is going to tell us about the industry. Aaron, who is […]

1. Ski Doo Sleds On the Lake

What’s a SnoDeo?

In 2003, when my advertising agency, South End Media was just barely two years old, we began working with a group of Ski Doo snowmobile dealers in New Hampshire and Vermont. I was told, “Go up to the SnoDeo. It’ll give you a great chance to hang out with some of the guys.” I don’t […]

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