Restoring Your Appetite

I am one of those people who gets really excited about repurposing or reorganizing old things, whether it’s furniture, kitchen cabinets, or something really big like… an old mill. To take that idea a step further, I love discovering renovated buildings that are thriving in their new purposes. Anyone who has visited Stay Work Play […]


What Once Was Meadowbrook

Live music is hardly a seasonal treat. Given the right stage and the right sound, it’s a treasure you can appreciate all year long. But there is something special about bringing music out-of-doors. I’m not only talking about full-on outdoor shows. Even a streetside busker with a guitar or a little Muzak piped through speakers […]

Mike Behrmann

9 to 5: On A Mission To Keep New Hampshire Clean

Are you passionate about reducing pollution, finding new sources of renewable energy, and increasing energy efficiency? You and Michael Behrmann, 34, have this in common. Michael is the Director of the New Hampshire Clean Tech Council (NHCTC), which is a membership-based organization that advocates for and represents New Hampshire’s clean tech and clean energy business […]

jalapeno burgers

Meal Prep Monday: 3 Weeks Worth of Dinner Recipes

As summer comes to an end so does the ritual of indulging in the season of cookie dough ice cream, hot dogs and cheeseburgers off the grill and fried clam strips galore. Once Labor Day has come and gone I usually clean out my cupboards and clean up my eating habits. I find it easier to […]

Red Clover in Oil

Do you GALA?

If you asked me to define community, I would ramble on about people gathering over shared meals, common interests or for the goal of our “greater good.” I would say that a strong sense of community leads to happy and healthy people because they feel loved and supported. I would tell you a strong sense […]


Wild Northeast

There’s wildness in each of us, more in those who claim there is none. Deep down every one of us actively nurtures a secret desire to move more, to wear less, to eat with our hands, to use our toes to make fists in the sand, and to breathe deeply while the sun goes down […]

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