Supporting Art with Purpose

On Saturday, Sept. 8, join WZID, Hannaford Supermarkets and a variety of local businesses at Art Jam Riverside in Arms Park to spend a day living your life in full color. Last year, over 3,000 people showed up to participate in Art Jam Bridgefest, a day full of family fun, artistic exposure and community awareness. […]

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Hot Historical Hiking

Slapping my perspiration-laden forearm out of reaction to a pinching sensation commonly associated with mosquitos, I lifted my hand from my arm to reveal a sickly collage of blood, sweat, and bug guts on my body. This wasn’t a new occurrence. There were many pests on the South Manchester rail trail — mostly black flies […]

The view from my first - technically second - plane ride.

Exploring Your Own Backyard (NH Bucket List)

Four-years ago, a friend of mine proposed we go skydiving. Jump out of a plane on purpose? It was summer, and we were bored, so I said, “sure”. I don’t think I’d do it again, but it was fun. The best part was that when we were in the plane, I suddenly realized I had […]


Portsmouth from Day to Nightclub

Across the board, Portsmouth is a delightful city. Its waterfront locale, gorgeous parks, striking church steeples, historic homes, and constant events and shows make it an idea destination from anywhere in the state or region. It’s also filled with dozens of amazing restaurants, including several favorites I’ve written about: The Green Elephant, The Friendly Toast, and […]

​Exploring our pastures-in-progress with our new horse Hazel​

700 Square Feet to Fifty-Two Acres

Smog hung heavy, obscuring the Manhattan skyline in the distance as I sat unmoving on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, thousands of New Yorkers honking away their frustration at spending a muggy summer afternoon in traffic. I was on the way back to my Brooklyn apartment from a 30-minute horseback-riding lesson at a barn on Long Island. […]

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How to Grow Your Business (in a not-so-busy state) 

Finding opportunities to branch out your business are challenging, when you live in a smaller, not-so-busy state it feels impossible. I’ve grown up in New Hampshire all my life and I love living here, I just didn’t see many opportunities for young professionals to grow and have support. I left New Hampshire and went to […]

Popping Up Around New Hampshire

Popping Up Around New Hampshire

The coolest things pop up when you least expect them to, right? This feature is no exception to the rule! Alison Murphy runs Concord Handmade, a pop-up holiday shop. During the holiday season, Concord Handmade is a pop-up shop located in downtown Concord. Alison sets up in a different location each year, and features handmade […]

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Night Traveler

As the sun began it’s descent into the horizon, marked by brilliant hues of red and orange, it signaled the end of the its daylight cotillion with one end of the earth in favor of the other end. Of course, while a beautiful sight to see in weather that will allow it, for me, personally, […]


Pick Your Own Adventure

The hot June sun, the clink of berries being picked into mixing bowls, and the wonderful fragrance of ripening strawberries. I associate all of those things with the onset of summer in New Hampshire. Earlier this week I got to do one of my very favorite things. My wife and I took advantage of a […]