Racers Gather at the Starting Line

Winter Wild at Waterville Valley

Saturday March 11th marked my fiance’s birthday and our first Winter Wild at Waterville Valley Resort. The Winter Wild race series features uphill race courses at some of the areas most popular ski resorts. Many contenders participate in the entire series while others hit one or two, you know “just for fun.” We are of the latter group […]

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A Townie Experience: Poetry Out Loud

ˈtounē ˌikˈspirēəns – (compound noun) one’s witnessing locally the humble intersection of age, profession, and political persuasion, which evokes a latent appreciation for one’s hometown Have you had any “townie experiences” lately? Their elusiveness lies in their familiarity. In other words, the most organic townie experiences are the most ordinary: when the camaraderie at the […]


Your new home, sweet home

With hints that spring is on its way (the recent March nor’easter notwithstanding), you may be ready for new digs – like buying your first home! With your tax refund, you could have funds toward a down payment in hand. That money and the motivation to purchase a place that’s just right for you is well […]


Local Baskit

One of the most interesting trends in food right now is the delivery service. There are a number of different companies having great success with the trend – HelloFresh, Plated, and Blue Apron, to name a few. The purpose of these services are all the same: to provide ingredients and instructions for creating tasty meals […]


New Hampshire Institute of Art: Storytelling Festival

“After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” – Phillip Pullman According to anthropologists, humans have been telling tales since they acquired the capacity for speech. Ancient tales tended towards the magical, but people believed in their power, similar to people today who believe in religions. Storytelling evolved […]

The Loading Dock

Make Something Weird Happen: Collaborative Art at The Loading Dock

The Loading Dock in Littleton is a multi-disciplinary art space host to musicians, painters, spoken word, and more. Jason Tors spearheads the operation as curator, booking agent, and artist, among many other hats. He shared what it is that makes this space special, and a little weird. The Prelude Tors’ founding of The Loading Dock […]

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Why I Boomeranged from the Big City Back to the Granite State

When out-of-staters think of New Hampshire they often assume it’s a quaint little state adorned with winding dirt roads, cattle-covered pastures (ever heard of “Cow Hampshire”?), and simple minded townies. It’s small–town, Northern living at its finest – right? Maybe. Maybe not. Because the longer I’m on this planet, the more I’ve come to realize my life […]

Brandi 3

Doing Good NH: Easterseals

For this week’s Doing Good Blog I had the privilege of interviewing young professional Brandice Chagnon, the Care Coordinator with the Caring Companions Program at Easterseals. Brandice is a New Hampshire native, born and raised in Salem, and now lives in Rochester with her husband and newborn baby girl! She works out of offices in […]


Most Mornings: Enjoying Winters In The North Country

-and the speed! Make my mornings just a single caught-edge from a Tib. Fib. Fracture please! My caffeinated cruising has me only two hours from slope side boozing. We meet most mornings at the mountain. Morning is when we congregate in the way that our local old timers, their hats covered with pins, showing their […]