Kidder Mountain

Redefining Fitness Through Time Outdoors

Getting regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do to improve your overall health. Studies show that it improves mood, increases longevity and helps prevent the onset of many chronic diseases, including but not limited to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and various cancers. It is also an important and often overlooked intervention in […]


A Concert, A Review, A Plea

Earlier this year, five of my friends and I chipped in on concert tickets to see a band we’d been hoping to see for a few years. We might have gathered more if the tickets had been a bit less expensive. I was looking forward to the late-June show for two reasons. One, it would […]


Veggies by the Sea

When I think of food by the coast, I tend to think of seafood because, well, sea food. A few weeks ago, a friend and I were headed to Portsmouth to check out a show at The Music Hall. She recommended we stop by The Green Elephant for dinner and drinks before the show, so […]


Ten Easy-to-Spot New Hampshire Wildflowers

One of my favorite things about hiking in New Hampshire this time of year is the amazing variety of wildflowers scattered along the trails. When it’s time to put your head down and trudge on, the small bursts of color are an especially welcome treat. Here are ten easy-to-spot wildflowers that you’re sure to see […]


Fourth of July Fun in Southern New Hampshire!

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July! Are you the kind of person that likes to go out and enjoy the big shows around the region or do you like to put on your own firework display? Perhaps you enjoy walking in the local parade or watching from the sideline as members of the community gather […]


A Work of Art: Stay Work Play Takes on the Lakes Region

Since we get to work for an incredible organization that gets to share all-things-NH, I thought I’d share our most recent team-building staff outing adventure. As a Lakes Region “townie,” I thought it best to show the team a little slice of the area in New Hampshire that I call home. Visiting the Lakes Region […]


Holiday Spirits

Most would agree the best part of July 4th is when your neighbor, with no discernable background in pyrotechnics, sets up a backyard fireworks display for the ages. Somehow the flimsy cardboard box full of loose fireworks nearly matches the Boston Pops once lit. Even long-time favorite apple pie begrudgingly tips its crumbly pie crust […]

Littleton Farmers' Market, the site of Music on the Noosuc festival.

Music on the ‘Noosuc

Organizing a music festival takes a lot of work. For Adam Reczek, founder of the Music on the ‘Noosuc festival, it may have been more work than he expected. As we talk he’s driving to drop off posters for the event and wrangle signposts for sponsors’ banners. He rattles of a list of sponsors and […]


From One Townie to Another: Celebrate Your Roots

It’s too easy, as people so accustomed to our hometowns, to forget the novelty of certain annual events: a Summer Theater Series, a Strawberry Festival, or a Rock and Mineral Swap. Oftentimes, these events lose their appeal by the time we’re teenagers; they become an inextricable part of the scene we’re all so desperate to […]