Purgatory Falls – a Short and Sweet Hike Not To Be Missed!

Now that the world has finally thawed out and the last signs of winter have evaporated into nothing more than muddy back roads, it’s time for fair weather hikers to get out and enjoy what nature has to offer. With Earth Day having just passed by, there’s no better time to pay your respects to the wonder of the great outdoors and show your respects to Mother Nature. In an earlier blog post I shared some of my favorite scenic hikes in the Monadnock region, but as I expand my horizons I’m exploring other areas of the state as well.

I recently discovered the splendor of Purgatory Falls, a short hike complete with cascading waterfalls, nestled in Mont Vernon, NH. Many of the local residents are familiar with the location of this little gem, but I was blown away that these secluded falls were tucked away just a few miles off the main highway. And though the waterfalls be but little, they were fierce.

The short trail walk was muddy in spots, but we were able to navigate the outskirts of the path without muddying our sneakers. The morning was cool beneath the canopy of the trees. Within a mere five minutes I heard the rush of water and my excitement peaked. We descended a short ridge as we carefully navigated exposed tree roots which threatened to trip a clumsy novice hiker like myself. The temperature dropped dramatically once we found ourselves at the water’s basin. Though the fall was short I was still amazed at the rush of powerful water which reminded me of the impressive supremacy of nature.

This trip was well worth the visit. It’s rare to find such a conveniently located waterfall within such close reach of town that offers such a feeling of quiet seclusion. In addition, it’s unusual to find such a hidden gem in southern NH where most of these natural landmarks are renowned for being located farther north in the White Mountain area. I highly recommend you take a half hour out of your day to experience these falls. It’s always humbling to get out and remember how remarkable it is to live amongst such natural beauty, and with these views being so short, sweet, and readily accessible they are not to be missed.

How to Get There:

  • Take N River Rd from 101
  • Turn left onto Center Rd/Lyndeborough Rd
  • Continue to follow Center Rd
  • Turn right onto Johnson Corner Rd
  • Turn right onto Purgatory Falls Rd

2 Responses to “Purgatory Falls – a Short and Sweet Hike Not To Be Missed!”

  1. Anna BurnorApril 24, 2017 at 5:00 pm #

    What a great and informative article 🙂

  2. KarlApril 26, 2017 at 9:07 pm #

    This is on my list. I definitely want to check this place out soon. Thanks for the great report and pics.

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