Time for a Crepe Date

This year you were on top of Valentine’s Day. You ordered the 12-pound stuffed bear with the heart-shaped button nose and even paid for expedited shipping so it arrived on time. Then you picked up the long-stem roses and pricked your finger on three of them, shedding actual blood and tears for your significant other.

And yet, it feels like you need one more gesture to show your affection for your loved one this week. Well, the easy solution is to take your date out for crepes.

Have you ever not been in the mood for crepes? Nope. And your significant other probably hasn’t either. But crepes are one of those elusive foods that can be hard to find among the regular restaurant fair.

Fortunately, Suzette Crepes & Waffles is combating this problem right in downtown Manchester. Suzette Crepes & Waffles is a breakfast and lunch café that is connected to Gauchos Brazilian Steak House. I noticed the new listing on Yelp, and as soon as I saw “Crepes” in the title, I marched right over to scout it out.

When you walk in you will be greeted warmly by the staff, and given the option of sitting in the café or the dining room. If you like to keep it casual, the café is a cozy spot to hang out, drink some coffee, and chow down on some crepes. But if you’re celebrating with your Valentine and want to kick up the swanky meter a notch, the dining room has a more formal feel without being stuffy.

Your next decision will be a bit more challenging – choosing a beverage. My visit was in the morning hours, so I was looking for an ample dose of caffeine. I ordered the cappuccino and was truly impressed with the quality of the espresso. The layer of steamed milk foam was thick and fluffy, but left plenty of room underneath for the espresso, which tasted both strong and smooth at once.

I would definitely recommend the cappuccino, but there are plenty of enticing options that aren’t coffee based as well, such as a whole list of exotic fruit smoothies made with fresh berries, bananas, oranges, and more. In fact, you might find yourself doubling up on the beverages just to try as many as possible.

And that isn’t even the toughest decision you will face. Picking which crepes to order is nearly impossible. When I first started looking through the menu, I found a list of breakfast crepes that sounded amazing – loaded with combinations of eggs, breakfast meats, avocados, and sauces. But as I continued to flip through the menu I discovered there are more crepe options at this café than I knew existed in the whole world – including entrée style meat crepes, fruit crepes, and dessert crepes as a few of the categories.

Naturally, my sweet tooth got the best of me, and I honed in on the dessert crepes. I chose the Bananas Flambé crepe, which was heaped with banana slices, ice cream, raisins au cognac, and a combination of sweet cream sauces.

The plate arrived nice and hot – with visible curls of steam rising from it. And yet, the ice cream stayed intact, without turning into ice cream soup. The banana slices were warm and soft, but not mushy, and were covered in a decadent sweet sauce. Meanwhile, the raisins added pleasant texture, and the cool ice cream was a great contrast to the hot plate. All of the ingredients held together nicely atop a perfectly cooked crepe.

My meal was fantastic and I am already marking up with calendar with plans for return trips. So if you are unafraid to face the overwhelming selection of delicious crepe options, and would like to flex your creative date muscles one more time before the week is over, be sure to check out Suzette Crepes and Waffles. You can find them at 62 Lowell Street in Manchester. They are open Wednesday-Sunday from 8am-2pm.

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