My Time as an Intern for Stay Work Play

It seems like just yesterday I was writing my introductory blog post! My time at Stay Work Play is at an end, but what I have gained from this organization I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Stay Work Play was my first internship, and it was the best start to my professional career I could have possibly had. It exposed me to the many places, people, businesses, and events this state has to offer. I thought I knew New Hampshire before, but I know so much more now. From the first day in the office to the last, I have learned to work, collaborate, and communicate more effectively.

I worked a lot with Stay Work Play’s NH Internships initiatives. My piece of advice to any young college student or professional is to go for as many internships and entry-level positions as possible. The more experience and practice you have in the professional world, the better your chances are at landing that dream career someday.

There are tons of opportunities in New Hampshire that I had no idea about, and I believe it is important for young professionals in the state to be exposed to these opportunities and be pushed to pursue them.

My experience at Stay Work Play has helped me acquire a summer position as a marketing intern at Polaris Direct in Hooksett. I am very excited for this new opportunity and what it will teach me.

For now, I will be finishing my degree at UNH and continuing to explore the state and what it has to offer me. I want to thank Kate, Beth, and Ariel for being such great mentors the past 5 months. I will always follow and support Stay Work Play and their mission because I truly believe it is an important cause.

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