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For a restaurant that is as highly publicized as Moxy, I was surprised to find that it has never been featured on this blog. Don’t worry, I was more than happy to address this, and my partner was happy to help.

Moxy is a modern American tapas restaurant located in downtown Portsmouth. Like I mentioned, Moxy is highly publicized. Moxy has been featured on the Phantom Gourmet, in the Boston Globe and USA Today, and Business Insider called Moxy the best restaurant in the Granite State.  

Not to mention the Owner and Executive Chef, Matt Louis is a three time James Beard Best Chef Northeast Semifinalist in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Louis also owns the Franklin Oyster House, but more on that another time. 

Translation: Moxy, and Matt, are really, really good.

Tapas is a fancy word for small plates, and the expectation is that each table orders several items for sharing. Our waitress recommended 3-5 plates per person, so we ordered a total of six. We eat like a couple of birds, so we were totally stuffed and didn’t save room for dessert. In the future, we’d order fewer plates. 

Given that tapas is traditionally eaten with drinks, you might expect to find a creative list of cocktails on the menu at Moxy, and you would not be wrong! One of the things I like about Moxy is that in any given menu item, including the cocktails, there is always one ingredient I have never heard of. I ordered sangria, which was amazing, but my partner was much more adventurous, ordering the Tea Party and the Varadero.

My partner’s debut as a hand model

Moxy is not inexpensive, so for us, this means it is a spot for special occasions — in this case, it was our anniversary (our date-iversary, if you will). We did a somewhat bad job remembering to take pictures, and we didn’t write anything down, but please cut us some slack, we were distracted by the romance of it all! “Researching” and writing this post was fun, but I plan to mostly leave the Eat, Drink, Play posts to the pros. 

Luckily, the menu changes a lot, and from what I can tell, everything is delicious, so our failure to write anything down is easily forgivable. However, I can tell you, in my experience, Moxy does vegetables the justice they deserve. Of everything we ordered, the cauliflower dish was our favorite, followed closely by the Brussels sprouts. So, when you visit, remember to eat your veggies!

Fluffy, cheese churros with a spicy aioli. Yum! In the background is the delicious spicy cornbread with maple butter we forgot to photograph.

Roasted cauliflower with some root veggies and a tahini sauce. A pretty bad picture of really, really good food!

Mmm, little sliders with Moxy-q sauce! Cheers to three years!

I have no idea what was in this bowl besides Brussels and pepitas, but holy cow, it was good. Also, an amazing tutorial of how to take a well-lit picture in a dimly-lit restaurant.

For our final dish, we savored this white fish on a bed of cabbage. We remembered to take a picture before either of us took a bite – win!

Visit Moxy at 106 Penhallow Street, Portsmouth NH 03801, and follow Moxy on Instagram and Facebook for more mouth-watering food pictures.

Huge shout out to my date for allowing me to use our anniversary dinner for a blog post!

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