Stay Work Play Challenge Grant Agreement

In order to be a participating company or organization for the Stay Work Play Challenge Grant incentive program, you must fill out and sign this agreement and return it to Stay Work Play.

The details of the agreement are as follows:

  1. The company or organization employs individuals working in NH and has entry-level positions, which are defined as ones for which students that have graduated from a two-year or four-year college or university within the last 36 months would typically be eligible for.
  2. The company or organization agrees to provide incentive awards to eligible employees that will be used specifically to help them pay off a portion of their student loan debt.
  3. Those employees eligible for the incentive awards must include all new full-time employees hired within the past 12 months working in NH that graduated from a two-year or four-year NH college or university within the past 18 months (note: the company or organization may provide this benefit to additional employees, but it is not required to be included as part of this incentive program).
  4. The company or organization agrees to make payments to the employee’s federal student loan lending institution based on the schedule and the dollar values stipulated (note: dollar value is taxable and companies or organizations may or may not choose to withhold the taxable portion from this amount on behalf of the employee)
  5. Companies or organizations that agree to participate in the incentive program will receive significant promotion and visibility as a result of their involvement and all participating companies or organizations grant permission for Stay Work Play to use the company or organization’s name and official logo in promotional efforts. Promotional efforts include, but are not limited to, direct promotion as part of Stay Work Play, acknowledgement as participants on Stay Work Play’s web site on a page dedicated to promoting NH as a state in which graduates want to work, visibility at special events and job fairs at colleges and universities, and use of a special highly-recognized logo that identifies your organization as a participant.
  6. Participating organizations will report the number of employees that are taking advantage of the incentive, their annual retention rate, and the dollar value of the incentives paid out on an annual basis to Stay Work Play as part of an annual effort to demonstrate overall impact to the state of New Hampshire.
  7. If the company or organization determines that it will no longer offer this benefit, you agree to notify Stay Work Play immediately, and in writing, so the company or organization’s name can be removed from all promotional materials. The notification should be sent to Beth San Soucie, Stay Work Play NH, 235 Hanover Street, Suite 1, Manchester, NH 03104.
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