Coolest Companies for Young Professionals

We are looking for companies in New Hampshire that create environments to attract and retain young people (specifically ages 40 and under). We want to hear about your best practices related to mentoring and internship programs, job training opportunities, professional advancement, flexible work places and hours, benefits, and overall workplace culture.

The “Coolest Companies for Young Professionals” is open to any company with operations and employees in New Hampshire.

Please note: Past winners are not eligible to win again.

2014 Nominations will be accepted through Friday, July 25th

We recommend you read over the entire nomination form before starting to fill it out. In addition, please consider composing your responses in a separate document and then pasting them in when you’re ready, as you cannot save your progress in the form. If you have questions, please contact or call (603) 860-2245. Thank you! 
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  • Tell us what distinguishes this company from others in the specific industry or in the state.
  • Describe in detail your recruitment strategy. How do you find employees? Do you recruit from high schools or colleges? How do you cultivate the workforce's next generation?
  • Describe in detail the culture your company has created to attract and retain young professionals. Please address: The role your employees play in the company's decision-making process; Methods used to motivate, reward, and recognize employees; Methods used to challenge employees; Opportunities for employees to perform community service; How you help employees balance family/personal life with work life; How you create a fun or creative atmosphere; Does your company regularly invest in technology? What technology and infrastructure investments does the company make to improve the work atmosphere?
  • What is your employee development philosophy? How does your organization ensure your employees have the necessary skills they need for the company to effectively compete? Please describe employee opportunities for on-the-job training, mentoring, developmental training, and access to professional association memberships. How often is performance feedback provided and through what mechanisms? Do you provide financial support, time off, or other accommodations that allow employees to return to school? Please describe. Specify tuition amounts the company offers and requirements for tuition eligibility. Please specify whether courses need to be related to their field of work in order for employees to be reimbursed.
  • Please check all of of the benefits that your company offers that contribute to attracting and retaining young professionals in your workforce. If a benefit you offer goes above and beyond the basic one listed, or you offer something that isn't listed, please describe the details in the question below.
  • Describe the ways your company goes above and beyond the benefit listed above, or explain any additional benefits your company provides that aren't listed.
  • Please ask three employees age 40 or under to respond to the following: Describe your experience working for this company. What do you like about your job? How are you treated? Do you feel you have room to grow in your career here? What could your employer do to improve your workplace? What is your favorite moment during your time there? "Tell us about a time when..."
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