‘Shire Story of the Year

We are looking for the most creative (New Hamp) ‘Shire Story video! Whether you are originally from NH and have stayed, you left and have “boomeranged” back, or you are a transplant to the Granite State from somewhere else, tell us about your adventures and why you are deserving of this recognition! Essentially, we want to know why you choose to “stay, work, and play” in New Hampshire. Simple!

If you are working and living in NH and are between the ages of 18 and 40, submit your fun ‘Shire Story video nomination. Please note: We aren’t expecting professional quality videos (though please feel free to submit those). This award is more about the content and the message, than the polish.

A panel of judges representing Stay Work Play and business and community leaders from across the state will select the award recipient. Judging will be based upon:

  • Creativity in telling your story
  • Demonstration of your personality
  • Organization and structure of the video
  • Originality and vision
  • Effectiveness and clarity of communication
  • Adherence to the ≤ 90 second time limit

The ‘Shire Story of the Year award winner will receive a big, awesome prize pack allowing you to experience some of the fun of NH.

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Please note: Past winners of this award are not eligible to win this award again. Self-nominations are encouraged.

2017 nominations are closed. Please keep an eye out for the opening of next year’s nominations in March 2018.

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