Young Professional of the Year

We are looking for an outstanding young professional working and living in NH, between the ages of 18 and 40 who is a rising star in their industry and giving back to their community. Self-nominations are discouraged.

A panel of judges representing Stay Work Play and business and community leaders from across the state will select the award recipient.

The Young Professional of the Year award winner will receive a $500 stipend. We want to honor the work that these young people have done in and for NH and give them something they can use to continue their hard work and efforts. With the Young Professional of the Year, the intention is that the $500 be used for membership in a professional organization, leadership program, attendance at a conference, or something specifically professional-development-related.

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Please note: Past winners of this award are not eligible to win this award again.

Please note: The nomination process for Young Professional of the Year has changed in attempts to make it easier to nominate someone. The submission for this individual award is now a two-step process.

 2017 Nominations are open through Friday, July 21st!

Step 1:

Submit the nomination. Please note: Self-nominations for Step 1 are discouraged.

Step 2:

Upon completing Step 1, a link to the full application will be sent to the nominator and the nominee via email. The full application can be completed by either the original nominator or nominee (or in tandem). In addition to general information, Step 2 calls for in-depth knowledge about the nominee. Please find a detailed list of the Step 2 questions here. The nomination and full application (Step 1 AND Step 2) are required for the judges’ panel to make their final determinations and to be eligible to be a winner of this award. Full applications are due by July 21, 2017.

Young Professional of the Year - Step 1

  • Please note: To be eligible, nominees must be under 40 years old.
    Please enter a value less than or equal to 40.
  • Tell us what distinguishes this nominee from his/her business or community peers. What is the sum of their accomplishments or leadership in NH?
  • Nominations for the “Young Professional of the Year” are submitted from all regions of New Hampshire. Why do you believe your nominee should be selected as the 2017 award recipient?
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