Education and Training Programs in NH

PSU students outdoors with laptopAdvancing your professional skills and knowledge is always key to moving up professionally, finding a better job or making more money.  Today, there are more ways than ever before to do this – directly or virtually.

We’ve included links to all of the accredited undergraduate and graduate schools and colleges in NH and encourage you to explore these programs

We’ve also included links to professional training programs and have a section on leadership training programs as well.

When considering advancing your education, check with your employer to see if they offer any tuition reimbursement.  Many do.  Also, if you are the first in your family to attend college or have significant financial needs, there may be grant opportunities that will help cover your educational costs.

If you have earned or are working on an associate’s degree at one of New Hampshire’s community colleges, check out NH Transfer to learn what courses transfer directly to other four year colleges and universities in the state.

Here are some other resources that you might find helpful as well.