Leadership Programs – Statewide and Regional

New Hampshire offers some great regional and statewide leadership programs that enable you to learn more about your community or region, network with current leaders, delve into issues facing your region or the state, and gain skills that enhance your ability to serve in leadership capacities.

Leadership New Hampshire: Developed in 1992, Leadership New Hampshire (LNH) was created in response to recommendations from the Governor’s Commission on the 21st century to “identify emerging talent; motivate emerging leaders concerning statewide issues and perspectives; build the expectation that they will take on leadership roles on statewide issues; and develop a network for effective leadership.” Nearly two decades later, LNH has inspired, educated, and engaged over 550 citizens to leverage the unique opportunities, and to understand the specific issues facing the Granite State.  Through a unique year-long educational program, Associates interact with top state officials, judges, educators, prison inmates, students, artists, corporate leaders and others who receive, deliver or make decisions and policy that affect services across the state.

Regional Leadership Programs: There are currently ten regional leadership programs in NH. They have many similarities to the statewide program, but often attract people that want to learn more at the local level before considering a program such as Leadership New Hampshire. To learn more about each, follow the links below:

  • The Hoffman-Haas Fellowship strives to populate New Hampshire nonprofit boards with inspired, prepared and ready-to-engage leaders who can bring a solid grounding in board essentials and serve as an infusion of energy and inspiration. Many talented and civic-minded people looking to engage in their communities simply don’t know where to start. The Hoffman-Haas Fellowship provides a clear pathway for community engagement, with programs featuring the best-of-the-best national speakers and mentoring from experienced business and community leaders.
  • The New Hampshire Bar Association Leadership Academy aims to identify, inspire and educate future leaders of the profession. A diverse group of Association members participate in a yearlong program (October through June) that includes an offsite retreat, six half-day educational sessions, the Bar’s Mid-Year Meeting, and the Bar’s Annual Meeting.
Tip: Employers often pay for the cost of these programs and some scholarship funding is also available.
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