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Serious Java

It was a bright, sunny day in Southern New Hampshire when I decided to head to the beach. And by that, I mean the temperatures on said Saturday in February were estimated to venture into the 50s and I needed to see the ocean ASAP. I spent about two hours walking up and down Hampton […]


New Month’s Resolution

Remember those exciting and inspiring New Year’s resolutions we made a month ago? Me neither. Not the specifics anyway. Something about replacing things that are fun with things that aren’t fun. Fortunately with February right around the corner we can bury those radical ideas in the past and drop the guilt of nonperformance. We’re about […]


Before You Leave and When You Return

During the holiday season, you may find yourself crossing the (Merrimack) river, hiking through the snowy woods, or crawling through a (covered) bridge to get to Grandmother’s house. But for the days when Grandma isn’t cooking, where will you be headed? If you find yourself in the Manchester area, might I suggest the cozy, aeronautically-themed […]