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Leisure in Litchfield

Siblings are great for a number of reasons. They always laugh at your hilarious impersonations of your parents’ annoying habits. And if you have an identical twin you can switch places to take difficult exams. Most importantly they split the cost of gifts for your parents’ birthdays and other parent-centric events. But every once in a […]

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New England Brewfest: A North Country Beer Extravaganza

As an increasingly protean beer industry continues to evolve into whatever it’s going to be next, it’s always important to remember the importance of gathering together with friends and just drinking a few beers. That’s been a familiar pastime for millennia. Speaking of familiarity, one of New England’s oldest beers festivals takes place right here […]


Brothers Donuts

Sometimes I write about incredible, complex, exquisite meals that impress on creativity and taste alike. And sometimes there are places that have figured out how to do one thing really, really well. Today’s post is focused on the second option. Donuts are a delight no matter how you spell the word. After not being a […]