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Graduation Nostalgia

I am certainly the kind of person who is nostalgic to a fault and nostalgia has certainly gotten the best of me this weekend. Graduation time usually spikes my feelings as I remember both High School and College graduations and all the memories that came before each event. Nostalgia is a bittersweet emotion, as you […]

PSU Commencement

“Be Purposeful, Be Persistent, and Be Grateful”

“Be Purposeful, Be Persistent, and Be Grateful.” These words have echoed in my mind since I heard them Saturday, at the 143rd Commencement at Plymouth State University. Students from the Class of 2014 congregated on campus to receive Bachelor’s degrees, Certificates of Advanced Graduate Studies, Master’s Degrees and Doctoral Degrees, and I’m very proud to say […]


Back to School?

Recently my wife started her Master’s degree at UNH, something she has wanted to do since graduating several years ago. I started my MBA last year as well, and since both Lindsay and I hope to be professors someday, this is the direction to take. With that said, I have been talking a lot with […]


Graduation in New Hampshire

This time of year, college students across the country and more specifically in the Granite State, become college graduates. The exciting time of year where fellow students congratulate one another for their accomplishments, and embark out on a new adventure (graduating cliché totally intended). I remember my graduation of a few years ago and think […]


Education & Real Wages

I have a master’s degree and 15 years of professional work experience in the consulting and non-profit sectors. My younger brother has a two-year degree and eight years of hands-on experience in industrial and mechanical jobs. I’m pretty sure he has made more money than me since the day he started working full-time. I definitely […]