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Doing Good NH: Make-A-Wish New Hampshire

This week I had the privilege of interviewing two young women that are changing lives on a daily basis and making positive change! Holly Blanchard is the Director of Marketing at Make-A-Wish New Hampshire and Nikki Lyons Lahey is Director of Community Outreach at Make-A-Wish New Hampshire. Holly learned about Make-A-Wish early on as she […]

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A Townie Experience: Poetry Out Loud

ˈtounē ˌikˈspirēəns – (compound noun) one’s witnessing locally the humble intersection of age, profession, and political persuasion, which evokes a latent appreciation for one’s hometown Have you had any “townie experiences” lately? Their elusiveness lies in their familiarity. In other words, the most organic townie experiences are the most ordinary: when the camaraderie at the […]


NH Townies Worth Celebrating: Bethany Clarke

Meet Bethany. She’s a children’s librarian, who serves her hometown of Gilford, New Hampshire. Her story is not unlike many other townies’—a story of a realized appreciation for her roots and of a redirected commitment to serve others. Read on to learn why Bethany loves the Granite State, how she overcame the townie-stigma, and what […]