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Blacksmithing at Sanborn Mill Farm in Loudon. Concord Monitor – Cameron Johnson

Doing Good NH: Sam Durfee of PermaCityLife

This week I had the privilege of speaking with Sam Durfee – Regional Planner for the Central NH Regional Planning Commission, President of the PermaCityLife (PCL) Board of Directors and recent Helping Hand Award recipient from the Concord Fire Department for providing CPR to a citizen at a local movie theater!   Sam grew up […]

The Show

Alone or Not at All

Have you ever not done something because you were afraid of what was going to happen as a result? When at first your idea is great and gets you wicked excited…. then you think more about it and the “what if?” scenarios play out terribly, so you stop. Yeah, you’ve probably experienced it. Me too. It’s a human thing. For me […]


A Townie Experience: The 2017 Laconia High School Commencement Speech

ˈtounē ˌikˈspirēəns – (compound noun) one’s witnessing locally the humble intersection of age, profession, and political persuasion, which evokes a latent appreciation for one’s hometown As the 2017 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year, I have traveled to school districts across our state—from the districts of our small towns to those of our big cities. […]

Magnificent Views of the Lakes and Mountains from North Peak Loop

Whitten Woods is Wicked Fun!

I was recently introduced to what is perhaps the best kept secret in the Squam area – Whitten Woods in Ashland. This network of public multi-use trails is located on a 414-acre property and is managed by the Squam Lakes Association (SLA) in partnership with Ashland residents, the Ashland Conservation Commission, New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF), […]


Brothers Donuts

Sometimes I write about incredible, complex, exquisite meals that impress on creativity and taste alike. And sometimes there are places that have figured out how to do one thing really, really well. Today’s post is focused on the second option. Donuts are a delight no matter how you spell the word. After not being a […]