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My $11.91 Weekend

Since having a child, I’ve become so cheap! Mostly because I’m broke from spending all my money on said child (either now or saving for his future). So I’m always pretty proud when I can fill up a weekend with fun activities for no money. Here’s a recap of last weekend. Saturday: I worked out […]


I work out.

I work out. I have always thought of myself as someone who is very active, loves to be adventurous, and likes a good butt kicking (so I can brag about how badass I am) so I was a little shocked to step on the scale two years ago to discover that I was officially in […]


Hibernating is for bears

The title of this post refers to a revelation I had a couple weeks ago; the ensuing content narrates my post-revelation adventures. Since I can remember I’ve been pretty useless in the winter months. I’ve done it all- wondering why I live in New England, thinking about moving, going on vacation, closing my eyes- everything […]


Stay Work Date

Dating in a winter wonderland like New Hampshire can be tricky. A) It’s really flippin’ cold and B) Hibernating is quite lovely; especially with some hot chocolate (with marshmallows, obvi). There are dozen of date ideas (romantic, even) to look forward to this winter. Grab your sweetheart & start planning. Most NH occupants spend the […]