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Townies Know Best (Part Two)

Wait—there was a Part One? You betcha’! A month ago, I resolved myself to delineating the unique—and often underappreciated—knowledge of New Hampshire’s best townies, and I worked to explain our townies’ roles as vital historians, consummate networkers, and inestimable contributors in their communities. You can check out the first half of this list here. So, […]

Beal House_9-2016-44

A Lot to Love: A Conversation with The Beal House

There’s a lot to love about The Beal House Inn & Tavern of Littleton. Adam and Lori Evans Alderin purchased the six room inn and American tavern in December of 2015. Their mission: to provide comfort food in a comfortable setting for visitors to Littleton and locals alike. The two opened up about running a business, […]


NH Townies Worth Celebrating: Bethany Clarke

Meet Bethany. She’s a children’s librarian, who serves her hometown of Gilford, New Hampshire. Her story is not unlike many other townies’—a story of a realized appreciation for her roots and of a redirected commitment to serve others. Read on to learn why Bethany loves the Granite State, how she overcame the townie-stigma, and what […]


Let’s Better Use Cool Old Buildings

We should be more creative when it comes to reusing rural New Hampshire’s historic and obsolete building stock. I wrote my master’s thesis on this topic, so if you’re one of ninety-three who downloaded it from my alma mater’s digital library, feel free to skip this post. Here’s my condensed argument: New Hampshire’s towns are […]


How to Become a Good Townie (Part One)

Don’t underestimate us—being a townie takes skills. A townie’s lifestyle demands both a refined social acumen and keen self-awareness. It requires a highly developed sensitivity to age differences, economic disparities, and political affiliations. And the best townies achieve that careful balance between preserving and improving their beloved hometowns. So, here’re a few tips to becoming […]