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Wild Northeast

There’s wildness in each of us, more in those who claim there is none. Deep down every one of us actively nurtures a secret desire to move more, to wear less, to eat with our hands, to use our toes to make fists in the sand, and to breathe deeply while the sun goes down […]

Photo for Blog

Rediscovering the Northeast in the Mountains of New Hampshire

Feeling good, but with a long way to go, the peaks recede behind me as every step takes me further along the vast ridgeline. Madison, Adams, Jefferson…Washington looms ahead, its summit cone sitting high above the rest of the sleeping giants that make up the Presidential Range. Wispy clouds roll over ridges and through saddles, […]


Something for Everyone at Edward MacDowell Lake

With major excavation underway at our building, I’ve started looking for some new quiet places nearby where I can take a quick break and enjoy some peace and quiet. Just five minutes from downtown Peterborough, Edward MacDowell Lake has quickly become my favorite spot. The MacDowell Dam was built between 1948-1950 for flood protection, and […]


From One Townie to Another: Get Political (Part One)

Now, in full disclosure, I pride myself on remaining the consummate apolitical public servant—but that doesn’t mean I sit quietly on the sidelines. As a lifelong resident of Laconia and as the 2017 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year, I am morally obligated and uniquely positioned to affect positive change in my community and my […]

Photo Courtesy of Jackie Trombly. Taken at Spofford Lake in Chesterfield, NH.

Livin’ Free in the 603: Check Off Your Summer Bucket List Before it’s Back to School

#LakeLife – Exploring Monadnock’s Own Little Lakes Region … Sometimes I find it funny that there’s a “Lakes Region” of NH because it implies that other areas of the state lack ample bodies of water. In my Southwest corner of the state here in Cheshire County our region boasts around 90+ bodies of water available […]


Eighteen Miles

A while ago, an acquaintance of mine asked why lobster is associated with New Hampshire, when New Hampshire is hardly a coastal state. I gently, and jokingly, corrected him: “Hey, we have eighteen miles of coastline, and we’re proud of every one.” On that number, your mileage may actually vary. It all depends how you […]

Fox turns to observe it's human spectators

The Fox and The Turkey Hen

Sometimes, when you live in “the woods” you get to witness wild animals in their natural environment. Earlier this week I was able to observe (and snap some photos) of our resident fox hunting our resident flock of turkeys – toms (males), hens and chicks. It was about 6:00 a.m. on a cool misty morning; […]