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Leisure in Litchfield

Siblings are great for a number of reasons. They always laugh at your hilarious impersonations of your parents’ annoying habits. And if you have an identical twin you can switch places to take difficult exams. Most importantly they split the cost of gifts for your parents’ birthdays and other parent-centric events. But every once in a […]


NH Townies Worth Celebrating: Tim Baines

Meet Tim. He’s the owner of Mint Bistro in Manchester—the same city, where Tim grew up! Mint Bistro serves contemporary fusion food in a sleek, sophisticated atmosphere. Tim’s understanding of locals’ collective palate and personality is just one of the reasons his restaurant is so successful. (I guess, it pays to be a “townie”…!) Read […]


Before The Ballpark

The iconic visual of Manchester’s downtown has forever been the red-brick mill buildings lining the banks of the Merrimack River, extending up the landscape toward Elm Street along streets and a former canal. Over the years, additions and modifications have created new points of interest and new character to the face Manchester presents from I-293. […]