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Popping Up Around New Hampshire

Popping Up Around New Hampshire

The coolest things pop up when you least expect them to, right? This feature is no exception to the rule! Alison Murphy runs Concord Handmade, a pop-up holiday shop. During the holiday season, Concord Handmade is a pop-up shop located in downtown Concord. Alison sets up in a different location each year, and features handmade […]


Team Matters – Leadership Grappone

If you live in New Hampshire, you’ve probably heard of the Grappones. More than likely, you’ve heard Amanda’s voice on the radio. You probably know that we are a car dealership, and you may or may not know that we do business quite differently than the typical dealership. Something you likely don’t know, however, is […]


Feel the Burn

Not all burns are bad. Remember when you would burn the edges of your Revolutionary War book report to make it look like an old-timey document? That was always worth a few extra points in history class. Or how about when your friends burn you with a particularly witty one-liner? It might sting a little, […]