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Diamond in the Rough

Clad in steel-toed snow boots, I traversed the ice-coated snow and slush on the rail trail leading to Great Cohas Brook in Manchester feeling like a giant; with each step, the slick surface of the mess of precipitation crystalized in the extreme cold collapsed bearing the full weight of my stride. Mind you, the pathway […]


Ticks Are The Worst

There, I said it. Ticks are the worst, and I hate them forever. I know this is a strong opening, but I’m not sorry. They’re not cute, they’re not helpful, and they don’t pollinate. They just creep, crawl, hide, bite, and transmit awful diseases. Every year, when spring and summer roll around, I have to […]


Game Night

Back in college, a friend of mine would disappear for the better part of every Saturday, returning sometime around dinner from something he called the “Gaming Club.” Occasionally, we would actually have to seek him out, which meant a voyage to the upper level of the student union, where he and fifteen other friends were […]