“Word in New Hampshire” Alumni


When  talking about our individual and collective efforts to create a   startup ecosystem in Manchester, NH, our leadership consistently hears, “That’s great, but c’mon. What’s in it for Dyn?”…. We grew up here. We love it here, especially the work/life balance  you  can create. We believe in the NH advantage when it comes to limited   taxes, no traffic, low crime, affordable housing, good schools and access to lakes, beaches, mountains…. And it truly is all about the people. We promise long-term opportunity to everyone we recruit and hire  at Dyn. By creating an innovation and technology ecosystem in NH, we’re   creating a foundation to be able to prove it long-term. At Dyn, we’ve   established a wonderful foundation to build upon. So, when people ask us again, “What’s in it for Dyn?,” we’ll simply share this blog post.

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Name: Jill

Location: Portsmouth

Age: 30


It’s  hard to beat the opportunity to work in a vibrant university community  such as UNH which is full of the newest research, talent, and chances to  engage, especially when it comes to my field of environmental  protection and sustainability. UNH is leading the cause on  sustainability research and implementation. For play on the Seacoast,  the mood spills over. There’s local art, local music, locally sourced  foods, regional craft brewed beers, engaging events and a wonderful  community of outdoor enthusiasts who love to soak up the gorgeous  landscapes that surround us year-round. New Hampshire’s got the right  idea – eat, drink, play local, think global.




Name: Chris

Location: Manchester

Age: 27


It only took a short time to realize all of the professional and social potential New Hampshire had to offer. Being driving distance from beaches, mountains, and big cities has made the transition back to New Hampshire an easy one. The nightlife is fun and the professional opportunities are endless. I can’t think of a better place to live.




Name: Matt

Location: Manchester

Age: 31


New  Hampshire has so many great high tech businesses, I knew it was only a  matter of time until I found the perfect opportunity that rivaled  anything in Boston. Now I have a great job that’s close to home, and I  still get to work with a cutting edge company.

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