Board of Advisors Members

Nathan Saller, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Mark LaPrade, Principal

James Tobin, Commercial Real Estate

Kaeleigh Barker Van Valkenburgh, Director of Strategy

Rick DiDonato, Managing Director, Regional Executive Middle Market Northeast U.S.

Charles Ansell, Associate Vice Chancellor — Finance and Strategic Planning

Greg Henrichon, Executive Vice President

Melissa Skarupa, Community Relations Manager/Communications & Marketing

Donna Tamzarian, HR Director

John Donohue, Senior Vice President

David Cassidy, SVP, NH Division Head, Commercial Banking

Kir Harris, Principal & Head of Acquisitions & Finance

Sandra Gagnon, Senior Project Manager

Charley Thomas, Director of Recruitment, HRIS & Payroll

Joe Murray, Senior Director, Public Affairs

Kurt Chapman, Chief Revenue Officer

Rachael French, Business Partnerships Manager

Travis York, President

Jay Brunetti, Managing Partner

Aaron Brandt, Vice President, Engineering

BJ Perry, Political Account Executive

Stephen Reno, Executive Director

Mike McLean, Marketing and Business Development Manager

Alicia Hart, Vice President of Human Resources

Yulya Spantchak, Senior Strategic Learning and Evaluation Officer

Debby Scire, Interim President

Ed MacKay, Division Director

George O. Reagan, Housing Awareness Program Administrator

Bill Quigley, Vice President — Marketing and Events

Zack Lawson, Chief Operating Officer

Courtney Morin, Director, Actuarial Underwriting

Scott Christensen, Managing Partner

Colby Jordan, Venture Partner

Zach Luse, Founder

Gail Yazbek, Director of Contracting and Credentialing

Bill Stone, President & CEO

Marlana Trombley, Founder

Elijah Garrison, Branch Manager

Courtney Herz, Attorney


Beth Prieto, Executive Director, Career Development Center

Tori Berube, VP, College Planning & Community Engagement

Thomas Cronin, Public Affairs Manager

Todd Leach, Chancellor