Cool Places to Live: Bradley Commons

Last fall, the City of Dover got some much-needed workforce housing thanks to The Housing Partnership! Bradley Commons, a mixed-use workforce housing project in downtown Dover, sits on the former site of St. Charles Church. The 39 one-, two-, and three-bedroom income-restricted apartment units rented out in just 90 days, which speaks to the demand […]


Meet State Rep. Joel Desilets

Age: 34 Area represented: Rockingham District 7 (Windham) Occupation and employer: Selectman for Windham, NH. Number of years in NH: 34 Favorite place in NH: Windham. Describe NH in three words: Freedom of opportunity. Year first year elected to the legislature: 2018. Legislative priorities: Protect Seniors from financial abuse and women and children from physical […]


CommuteSmart NH Challenge

Do you ever get bored driving alone to work? Or tired of filling up your tank every few days? If you’re like me, you always seem to need to stop for gas when it’s pouring rain or when you’re running completely behind schedule. Whether you work in the Seacoast, Central NH, or the North Country, […]


Meet Local Leader George Hansel of Keene

Here on the Stay Work Play NH blog, we’re celebrating young leaders all over the state — and we have a lot to celebrate! Last fall, New Hampshire saw a boost in young people taking office at the state level. In fact, 42 of our representatives are under 40 years old. You’ll get to meet all of […]


The Great Ice Fishing Debate

For those of us who are transplants to the lovely state of New Hampshire, we have probably all had an experience where we referred to, or pronounced, something a little differently than the locals. For example, I made it through entire AP US History classes thinking Concord was pronounced Con Cord. One thing I learned […]

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Millennial Burnout: Fact or Fiction?

In my last column, I praised New Hampshire as a state whose many attributes prove possible the ability to possess more than just a job but a calling. But how realistic is it to maintain and thrive in one’s “dream job” at a time in history during which our interconnected and globalized world renders us […]

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23…yep, 23

23. It’s not just the number on the back of NBA superstars LeBron James’ and Michael Jordan’s jerseys, it’s also the number of songs which talk about student loan debt, according to If you are among the 74% or so of all New Hampshire college graduates who have student loan debt and are wondering […]


Tucked Away in Raymond

As someone who grew up not cooking a whole lot, I became reliant on the Food Network to teach me most of the things I needed to know. (And of course, stealing all my favorite recipes from my Mom!) The Food Network still remains one of my favorite sources of low-key entertainment and meal ideas. […]

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What’s a Charrette?

Two years ago, I was interviewing for an internship with the Workforce Housing Coalition of the Greater Seacoast. The director at the time was telling me about the organization’s workforce housing design charrettes. A what? What’s a charrette? Luckily, it was a phone interview, so I whip open my laptop and quickly Google “charrette” while […]