Opportunity Knocks – Bona Fide Green Goods

Ryan, Mike, Amanda and Mandy have a message and a proposition. I guess you could call them prophets trying to make a profit. And people are buying in! Their mission, which is to inspire change and awareness for a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, is accomplished through Bona Fide Green Goods on Main Street in Concord. […]


Weekend Breakfast Staples

I am a big fan of the weekend brunch year-round, but winter always seems to be a good time to reconnect with my favorite breakfast/brunch spots. While one of my goals for this next year is to re-learn how to ski, I love a good lazy winter morning drinking too much coffee and ordering multiple […]


Meet State Rep. Joe Alexander

Age: 24 Area represented: Hillsborough District 6 (Goffstown) Occupation and employer: Student at University of NH. Number of years in NH: 24 Favorite place in NH: Summit of Mount Uncanoonuc. Describe NH in three words: Community, beauty and liberty. Year first year elected to the legislature: 2018. Legislative priorities: I ran on a low tax […]

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How To: Turning a NIMBY into a YIMBY

(Spoiler alert: Don’t) One of the biggest barriers to housing development in many NH communities is NIMBYs, CAVEs, and BANANAs.  If you’ve ever been to a local board meeting in your town or city, you are probably on a first name basis with your community’s NIMBY(s). A NIMBY, generally speaking, is “a person who objects […]


Meet Local Leader Crystal Paradis of Somersworth

Here on the Stay Work Play NH blog, we’re celebrating young leaders all over the state — and we have a lot to celebrate! Last fall, New Hampshire saw a boost in young people taking office at the state level. In fact, 42 of our representatives are under 40 years old. You’ll get to meet […]


Vulgar Brewing, the Company

I tried coming up with a creative title for this post, but nothing felt quite right. The more common definition of vulgar, of which I was more familiar with is lacking sophistication and good taste; unrefined. However, nothing about the new Vulgar Brewing Company in Franklin is lacking good taste! When you walk in you’ll […]


Opportunity Knocks This Holiday Season

The holiday season affords local small businesses the opportunity to say hello to bigger profits as they are saying goodbye to the calendar year. In fact last year the NH Business Review drew on a study done by financial software firm Womply in highlighting just how important the Christmas retail season is to our state’s […]


What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet. There is nothing that derails a good conversation faster and more effectively than data and jargon — a fact that makes my job a bit difficult at times. Navigating the language of housing is a challenge I’ve […]