Meet Local Leader Mike Giacomo of Keene

Here on the Stay Work Play blog, we’re celebrating young leaders across the state who have stepped up to participate in the political process! “Meet Local Leader…” is a series highlighting the people under forty who are leading their communities at the local level! Meet Mike Giacomo! A chemical engineer by day, Mike Giacomo is […]


Let’s Get Physical

No, this is not a fitness blog and I am not vying to be your life coach. That being said the side effects of this month’s advice on how to meet people in New Hampshire could be a stronger heart and more sculpted hammys. So let’s get physical! One of my favorite things about living […]

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Announcing Wicked STEM Expo!

STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — is everywhere we look. It is the computers we use, the phones in our pockets, the roads we drive on, the buildings we work in and the shows we binge on Netflix. Northern New England is a hub for innovation, and we have carved out our own […]

Michelle Rabia

Where is the Closest Target?

If you are like me you have become accustomed, and likely taken for granted, easy access to everyday luxuries  such as shopping malls, Starbucks, bookstores, restaurants, entertainment, etc. Never did I think I’d consider a life without these amenities around the corner. I’ll admit, when I began exploring the possibility of moving from Bangor, Maine […]


Supporting Local in the Dead of Winter

Picture this: it’s Saturday morning and you’re enjoying your first cup of coffee in your pajamas, maybe watching some cartoons (aren’t they bringing Lizzie McGuire back??). Maybe you’re making a grocery list or struggling through a New York Times crossword, but definitely not checking work emails. You’re well-rested and hankering for a pastry but feeling […]

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Want to Work in Politics? New Hampshire is a Good Place to Start

In New Hampshire, it’s safe to say that “Opportunity Knocks” for those of us who are captivated by the political process. Home to the country’s first primary election, the Granite State is less than 10,000 square miles in space but much larger in its effect on the political process. And that’s why during peak election […]

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In Defense of the Rural Millennial

Young people don’t want to live here.”  This is something I hear often from local leaders across the state, most often in New Hampshire’s more rural communities. Some go on to explain why, “young people don’t want to live here because there is no nightlife / bars / entertainment (insert millennial stereotype here).” This is […]

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The New Traditional Student

Change is a constant in New Hampshire education. I work at a New Hampshire community college, and we’re always evolving to accommodate new policy, technology, and new needs from the community. But one change I’m especially excited about is updating the idea of who “traditional” students are. For a long time, traditional college students were […]

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The “Changemakers United” Way

New Hampshire is a great state for volunteering, with around 6,500 registered nonprofits in the state. And we really pitch in. As of 2017 there were 329,600 people volunteering in NH and 70,000 of those people were helping nonprofits in areas like marketing, events planning, and development; using skills they acquired through their work and […]