20 of the Nation’s Fastest Growing Companies Call NH Home

Every year Inc. releases a guide featuring the 5,000 fastest-growing privately held companies in America. This year 20 of them call New Hampshire home. In this blog post, I wanted to put a spotlight on the heights of entrepreneurial endeavor being climbed around the Granite State:

  • Akumina – #153 – Sells bespoke software that helps mid to large sized companies create modern intranet websites and boost employee productivity.
  • RagingBull.com – #915 – Provides members with stock market educational resources. Platforms allows users to work with and observe traders.
  • PoliteMail Software – #1112 – Adds email analytics, responsive HTML design, and list management tools to the enterprise email program clients already use, such as Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.

  • National Energy & Light – #1467 – Operates a full-service lighting, power control and brand imaging company. Provides comprehensive energy and imaging for the retail, restaurant, supermarket, c-store, automotive dealership, fitness center, and hotel markets.
  • Alkemy Partners Instruction and Design – #1646 – Designs, build, and facilitates medical, market, and sales training concepts for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Halo Maritime Defense Systems – #1789 – Designs and manufactures waterside physical barriers to protect maritime assets, including boats, oil rigs, and cruise ports.
  • Saltwater Collective – #1805 – Offers development, animation, branding, and digital marketing services.

  • Silvercloud – #1809 – Offers a self-service platform that helps banking consumers and employees improve customer experiences.
  • Optiline Enterprises – #2182 – Provides metal framing and drywall services in Northern New England.
  • The Autumn Group – #2351 – Provides IT staffing with expertise in infrastructure, applications, operations, and communications.
  • Strolid – #2371 – Provides automotive dealerships with a customer-centric approach to selling more vehicles by bridging the gap between dealerships and consumers through communication.
  • Marshall Scientific – #2819 – Provides quality refurbished laboratory equipment to universities, hospitals, and research labs worldwide. Serves the scientific community by helping obtain and provide reliable, up-to-date equipment at reduced costs.
  • Bean Group – #3051 – Provides real estate services to customers in Northern New England via its 15 offices.

  • Vital – #3359 – Offers website design, digital marketing and brand strategy services to its clients.
  • Orion Entrance Control – #3626 – Manufactures a variety of entry/access devices, including turnstiles, door control software, and door detection systems.
  • Air Solutions & Balancing – #3953 – Performs certified independent testing, adjusting, and balancing services for the HVAC industry.
  • Everlasting Capital – #4349 – Provides growth funding to small businesses.
  • Right Height Manufacturing – #4522 – Designs and manufactures ergonomic desks that convert from sitting to standing.
  • Medicus Healthcare Solutions – #4713 – Provides temporary and permanent staffing of health care providers to groups, practices, hospitals, and other facilities.
  • Netria Corporation – #4916 – Helps companies find current, constrained or discontinued hardware products.

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