4 Easy Early Spring Activities


It feels like all Granite Staters have accomplished something by making through this winter. Brighter days are almost here! Life is about to explode. Snow will be a distant memory, families, packs of wild teens, joggers, dog owners (doggers?), and community groups are planning outings to shed their literal and figurative winter coats on the sidewalks of downtown Nashua, White’s Park in Concord, still-iced-over trails in Lincoln, and the fairways and greens of Shattuck Country Club in Jaffery.

The excitement surrounding the first few warm days of spring just can’t be beat. Cooped up kids get to run their sillies out. Conscientious homeowners knock out some of those too-boring-to-mention chores. Flats of plants start cropping up outside of stores everywhere. With this newfound life, it is challenging not to greet the new season with a flurry of activity. Taking in a tour and having breakfast at a sugar shack, meeting the parents / grandparents for an afternoon walk in the park, attending a potluck for dinner, and ending the night with some live music at the Amoskeag Studios is a ridiculously fun schedule for one of the two days per week the family has together. It is also ridiculously not sustainable.

Letting off steam by getting out of the house is a natural thing to do this time of year. What is equally important is tapping the brakes a little bit. With all the connectivity we possess, it is easy to go go go and do do do. Here are some ideas for enjoying time at home. They are simple, and one may question why these are even put in print, but they are here as a reminder to take a deep breath and enjoy where you are and not worry about where you are headed.

  1. Watch TV or clean the house with all the windows open – Many times you get back from activities in late afternoon / early evening and the night-time chill is in the air, eliminating the possibility of airing out the house. Being home in the middle of the day allows you to get some fresh air flowing through your home and get everything closed up before the furnace kicks on.
  2. Play in the mud – Great excuse to turn the hoses on for the season, and being home makes it easy to clean up and change. Regardless of your age, you know you want to do it.
  3. Stay in your pajamas all day(my favorite) Laying on the couch, flipping through a magazine while the kids cover every inch of the floor with Legos and Little People is a great guilty pleasure. It requires some amount of fortitude to look out at a beautiful day and say, “I know I’m supposed to go out and savor every minute of sunshine and make the most of today, but I don’t want to!” (best executed if said in a little kid voice, punctuated by a crossing of the arms and stomping feet)  A reminder to people hesitant to try: There will be other nice days to enjoy, I promise.
  4. Make your own kite – With the sizeable changes in temperature from afternoon to evening, early spring is great for kite flying. Search the internet for instructions, get the supplies either the night before or early in the morning, you’ll be good to go in no time flat. Head to the backyard or nearby park and calmly enjoy the new season.

A standing order is now in effect for anyone reading this post: pencil in one of these activities (or something in a similar vein) for one weekend in April. Blow off all the steam you need, take good care of your humble abode, just don’t forget to stop and smell the crocus-es-es.

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