4 Inspiring Agricultural Ted Talks

The summer months mean fresh veggies galore. After a visit to any local farmer’s market, one may leave wondering why we ever needed grocery stores in the first place (forgetting all about winter). Now is a great time to try some new recipes, can some fresh veggies in preparation for the time of year where there are few, and practice being a little more self-sustaining than last year.

Below, I have shared links to four Ted Talks that have inspired me to live more locally, make healthier (and more local) food choices, and get experimenting in the kitchen. The UNH Cooperative Extension says it’s not too late to get some seeds and/or seedlings in the ground for fall harvest, so what are we all waiting for.

*Note: Just click on the underlined titles to be brought to the video of each talk.

Mark Bittman – What’s Wrong With What We Eat


This talk is the most balanced yet passionate breakdown of what we eat and why.

Peter Reinhart – The Art and Craft of Bread


I enjoy making homemade bread. I like doing it more than anyone I know. Reinhart likes it much, much, much, much, much more than I do. Make sure you have flour and yeast in the house before you watch this, you will be kneading dough when you’re done without even realizing it.

Roger Doiron – My Subversive (Garden) Plot


Like I said before, “It’s not too late to start a garden!!!” This one will have you looking through seed catalogs and dreaming after hearing Doiron’s talk.

and saving the best for last……

Gary Hirshberg – Unexpected Myths of Agricultural Sustainability


It’s Gary. That’s all that needs to be said.

In the comments section below, share what you do to support the local food movement and live more self-sustaining.

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