5 Good-Byes to Winter

As the last of the snow exits stage left, I thought I would share some pictures from the toughest winter in recent memory. While I will not miss the slushy commutes, or putting the kids in those ridiculously frustrating snow pants (if I never do that again, it’ll be too soon!!!), the snow does make for lovely scenery. I thought I would post a few pictures from this winter as a thank you to the season I find toughest to love.

March '14 017

Jan-June 2012 Jon's IPhone 101

Dec 2013 Jan 2014 322

Dec 2013 Jan 2014 317

March '14 005

See you on the other side winter! Thanks for giving our life a rhythm, for contributing to the diverse beauty of this state, and most of all, thanks for turning the keys over to spring. It’s been real!

Feel free to use the comment section to let winter ’13-’14 know how you really feel about it.

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